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GPS : 36°41’41.1″N 28°52’12.2″E / 36.694739, 28.870056

Taşyaka Cove (Tomb Bay, Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu Koyu) lies on NE of Taşyaka Islet. Taşyaka is a popular destination in Göcek. Taşyaka is an attractive destination for the visitors with its settings. Taşyaka Cove lies about 1.5 miles north of Sıralı Bük. There are several coves around the bay equipped with bollards where a yacht can anchor in the usual 15 – 20 metres and take a line ashore.

Two of the best, where depths are slightly less and therefore better for anchoring, are to the SW side of the bay, either side of a rocky peninsula. Anchor here in sand in 10 – 15 metres and take a line ashore. The best positions are sadly often occupied by gulets.

There are number anchorages in this large bay. Depths are 10 – 15 m. Boats drop anchor and take a line ashore. A bight next to jetty and NW corner are adeqaute anchorages. The water is very clear and the surroundings are wonderful. You can anchor at the end of the bay. You can anchor on the port in the depth of 2 – 3 meters located on the end point of the restaurant.

A low finger on the NW corner with Lycian ruins extends and features pretty beach where you can anchor or go stern-to the T-pier of the restaurant among pine and oleander trees. This pier has berthing capacity up to 25 boats. There is a barber shop within the restaurant. This side is also an attractive spot with steep surrondings covered by pine and olive trees. There is a well with pure water to starboard as you enter, you can fill your tanks there.

You will also notice rock cut tombs on the north side. There is also a fresh cold spring running into the bay, which is covered by a concrete like pool figure. The pool calls you in the hot days. The people who find the path to climb up the mountain will reach within half an hour the Kilisebelen village. There are several houses in this village and the magnificent views make the walk well worthwhile. You can see Dalaman plain, Dalaman airport, Kocagöl and Baba island.

The Nomad Restaurant on the west side of the bay has a long, two-part wooden jetty which can take 40 yachts. Mooring rings are stainless steel and through-bolted for once. A rough path up from the shore leads to several impressive Lycian rock-cut tombs in the cliffs above, from where there are also great views of the bay. There is curative spring water nearby the restaurant and its inhabitants arrive in summer. Taşyaka is an attractive destination for the visitors with its settings.

It’s also a good way to work up an appetite for a nice, long lunch at one of the restaurants surrounding the bay. Then perhaps a snooze followed by a refreshing swim and it’ll be time to start thinking about dinner.

Either stern-to one of the rough quays or wooden T-piers provided by the restaurants that surround the bay or anchor in any of the coves around the cloverleaf head of the bay. Take a line ashore if possible. Depths are mostly 16 – 33 feet (5 – 10 meters), coming up quickly to the shore. Dinghy dockage is available.

Taşyaka Bay is delightful for dining, swimming, or boat drive-by below Carian and Lycian rock tombs (Ionic temple, house, and pigeon-hole tombs). Originally Carian and subsequently Lycian, the ancient city of Crya can still be picked out among the olive trees and oleander, while its Carian acropolis is a short walk above a seaside restaurant. Lycians, Herodotus claimed, were originally Minoans driven from Crete by Minos of Knossos. Carians, he believed, were native to Asia Minor.

Glorious sailing opportunities and a well protected bay. Otherwise known as Bedri Rahmi Bay is situated opposite the Tershane Island. Its alternative name is after the famous Turkish artist, Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu, who visiting the bay in 1973 painted a fish on a rock, which is still there to be seen.

You will also see the symbol of Taşyaka. Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu was one of the first modern sailor to discover Göcek. He painted a fish figure on the rocks here, and made remarkable contribution to promoting the Blue Voyage concept in Turkey. Look up and you will see the kite mosaics on the rocks made by Azra Erhat, who also worked hard to encourage sailors to come and see the paradise. You will also note Lycian sarcophagi on the steep cliffs and rough path that leads to the village Kilisebelen.

In the inner side of the entrance, there is a small bay in south direction. You can pull alongside to stone port from the top or bottom. You can anchor on small bay on the northeast. You can stay at and take pull alongside to coast. Bay is a very nice place with its hills that reach down the coast sharply and with pine trees. On the sharp hillsides on the north of the bay, there are Lycia rock tombs, most of which are in the shape of pigeon hole. These are the tombs of residents of Crya, the antique country, settled down on the summits of the hills.

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