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Winter Port
GPS : 36°40’32.3″N 28°54’54.6″E / 36.675631, 28.915165

Tersane Adası is the largest island in the Gulf of Fethiye. The bay on
NW affords all-round shelter. A deep channel provides easy entry to
the inlet of Tersane and the eastern side of the bay provides a
protected anchorage for charter yachts. According to ancient sources
the island, named Telandria, was used as a ship dockyard during the
Ottoman period.

In the days of the Ottoman Empire, the Greeks lived there. But after
their deportation to the island, there were only a few old houses and
a church left that you can still see the ruins. Previously, the small
cove of the island used to build gulet yachts. For this reason, the
island is named as “Tersane” which means boat yard .

We know that the Island of Tersane which was formerly called
Telandria, was inhabited in the past, but the remains of the ruined
houses of the island, which are seen from the land and sea, total only
about 140. There are the remains of two churches, one of which is near
the well and the other is on the hill; and the tomb of the chief of
the people who lived here in the past, is in the west. The island was
inhabited in the past as is evidenced by the many ruined houses, fruit
trees and goat herds. There are also remains of two churches and a

You will notice a watch tower and shipyard as soon as you arrive from
which the island was named. There are two bays on the island named by
sailors as winter and summer harbours. Many blue voyage yachts or
daily tripper boats anchor in these two bays during their voyage.
After entering a narrow channel you will be in calm waters. Due to
this feature many sailors use this bay as a shelter to escape from
unexpected winds.

The bay on NW affords all-round shelter. The entrance of the bay is not easily identified from a distance. The entrance lies between two steep slopes. There is good depth in the strait, mostly 20 m and the depths drop 5-10m in the cove. The bottom is sand-weed. The bottom gradually shelves to shore, and ends in a pool. Care is needed at night. It gets swell from the strait. Ease your chain as much as possible. The northern and southern corners are adequate anchorages to be tucked up with a line ashore.

Tersane Koyu is a winter port, providing all-round shelter. The settings are attractive. There is a pretty restaurant and a quay where berthing is available up to 15 boats. There are laid moorings tailed on quay.

The ruins ashore are from the ancient boatyard settelements. A number of goats live on the island, their voice is higher pitched at night. This anchorage gets crowded by excursion boats by noon time, but it is calm and quite at night. It is better to arrive in late and leave before noon the next day.

Anchoring is permitted in Tersane Creek at the NW tip of the island, where there is also a restaurant jetty with laid moorings for customers.

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