Bodrum – Muğla- Turkey

GPS : 37°12’45.6″N 27°34’26.4″E / 37.212674, 27.574004

37° 12.45′ N 27° 34.24′ E


Ulelibük Bay extends to the south, shelving from the middle and ending in marshland to Lake Bükgöl. The ruins of ancient Barglia are on the western side of the bay. The settings are attractive, pine trees cover the shore.

This bay is open to the sea breeze, and westerlies send in a swell. The bottom is muddy and you can anchor in 3 meters.

Boğaziçi Village
GPS : 37°12’24.4″N 27°34’53.0″E / 37.206768, 27.581380

The pier of Boğaziçi Balıkçı köyü offers berthing for a few boats up to 4 boats.
Water and electricty are provided, some provisions like ice can be found.
This pier is managed by the village authorit. A fee is charged.
Nice tea houses, fish restaurants and pensions are located in the village zone.
Akyol State clinic is loacated 10 km away from the village. Health care team visits the village on wednesdays.

Places of interest

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Bodrum, Muğla Province, Turkey

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