Kalkan, Kaş – Antalya – Turkey

GPS : 36°15’40.0″N 29°22’09.8″E / 36.261124, 29.369380

This lies in the West of Kalkan Koyu. it offers good shelter from Summer winds. it is surroundcd by mountains, and the hilly coast is covered with maquis and olive groves.

Anchoring is possible in 10 m off the small promontory in the Southwest of the bay. it is also possible to anchor in 6-10 m off the beach, 200 m inside the promontory. There are usually waves in this part. it is possible to pass into Kalkan Limanı from here.

Yeşilköy is a pleasant anchorage just 2 Nm west of Kalkan with very clear water. The bottom is sand and weed and only good holding if you can get your anchor in a sandy patch. The best position is in the NW corner in about 5 – 10 metres. If the anchorage is busy, you may need to take a line ashore. Many gulets use the anchorage during the day and at night.

Yeşilköy Limani is 2.3 Nm from Kalkan, lies on the NW corner of Kalkan Bay. It is a popular spot for tripping motors from Kalkan. This bay is known as Pirnaz Koyu amongst the local people.

A glorious spot along Turkey’s southern coast, Firnaz Bay has beautiful calm waters with high visibility ideal for snorkelling. You can find Interesting. Typically, visibility is Good ( 10 – 30 m). The average depth is 8 m / 26.2 ft. Mainly a sandy bottom with some rocks and sea grass; not a lot of great interest but good for training.

It offers shelter from prevailing winds but it is open to South and Southeast winds. The bottom is sand and weed. Make sure your anchor in the sand bottom. There is good depth in the middle. The depths gently shelve ashore. You can anchor in 5 – 12 m. The creek on the South affords adequate anchorage for a boat only. The cove on the South affords relative sheltering from the prevailing wind. Drop your anchor off the shingle beach and take a line ashore.

When the sea is build up along Patara Shores, prevailing wind sends swell in from the mountains, but swell and wind blow from the same direction. Boat doesn’t swing. The bay is surrounded by high mountains. Sun sets earlier. A stone ruined house is at the rear of the shingle beach where you can also drop anchor towards Kalkan and get a line according to the wind direction.


There are restaurants, markets, buffets and grocery shops ashore where you can obtain limited provisions. There is land transport connections.

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