Our mission

Our mission is to make cruise yachting as comfortable and interesting as possible for sea travellers. We want to offer them the most detailed and reliable information about marinas, anchor moorage, restaurants, hotels, sights and other points of interest located nearby.

What do you need to do to get your object listed in our catalogue?


1. Fill in the application form

Fill in the application form with brief information about your object using the link below.

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2. We will create object’s personal page

Our specialists will get your application form, check the information about your object and create its personal page, which will be submitted in our catalogue.

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3. Every user has an access to your object’s page

Your object will be published in our online catalogue and every user of our pilot book will have an access to it. Users look through the information, visit your object and submit their reviews.

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4. Get positive reviews

Positive reviews enlarge your target audience as our pilot book is accessible in every corner of the world where there is the Internet.

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