Marmaris – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°47’38.6″N 28°16’57.2″E / 36.794063, 28.282550

Point Alkaya is on SW of Yıldız Island which stands on E of Marmaris Port entrance and Abdireis Koyu lies on the west of point; Alkaya Burnu. This cove is open to west. The slopes are maquis and wooded by olive trees. The bottom affords good holding.

A finger point extends out in the middle, the southern side of this finger affords sheltering. Boats drop hook in 7 – 12 m and get a line ashore.

This is well known by tripper boats from Marmaris. They stop here for swimming breaks. A cave on on the southern part is a favorite spot for divers. This cave is known as Fosforlu Mağara (Phosphoric cave). It is a natural cave, accesible by dinghy.

This is a beautiful diving point on the side of Yıldız Island that faces the open sea. The divers also describe it as an aquarium for the clarity of its waters. The cove is not only suitable for educational diving, it is also interesting, exciting and fun for experienced divers if they swim out further.

Its depth starts at zero metres and goes down to 33 metres, with fish generally being seen at the12 metre mark. Since it is close to the Fosforlu Mağara (Cave) there is heavy sea traffic.

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Marmaris, Muğla Province, Turkey

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