Aegina Marina

Aegina 180 10, Egina, Greece

GPS: 37°44’39.6″N 23°25’34.9″E / 37.744326, 23.426360

The harbor of Aegina, being close to Athens, is always crowded – especially at weekends. Yachts moor stern/bow-to using their anchors either on the N quay, where there are depths of 2.0 – 2.5 metres, or on the S quay, where there are depths at the W end of 5.0 – 6.0 metres but little more than a metre at the E end near the slipway. A yacht should keep well off the quay in either spot, since the ferries cause quite a wash on entry. Outside the harbour is a small marina, Aegina Marina, protected by a long detached breakwater, where yachts berth on long pontoons. However, this is usually filled with local yachts on permanent moorings and there is little space for visitors.

Take care on approaching the harbour entrance as it is very busy with ferries and hydrofoils entering and leaving at high speed.

Town Quay

Yachts can moor off the town quay or off the cafe on the south quay. Both have water and electricity. Ensure the anchor is well embedded and the boat is pulled a good distance off the quay as there is considerable wash from the ferries. Avoiding the weekends might be advisable, making it easier to obtain a berth here.

Good shelter, although strong southerlies can cause some swell.


Located to starboard as you enter the port, the marina is quite busy with local boats and yachts that are based here. Visiting yachts are not normally permitted to berth here.


It is possible to anchor in 3m over sand and weed patches south of the marina and main harbour. Watch out for ancient remains 1-2 meters below the surface in the southern part of this anchorage. The dinghy can be landed in the eastern corner of the marina, where you can tie it up next to the small fishing boats.

We are glad to present you this wonderful place, where you can find some exciting views and necessary services for your yacht.
Aegina is a place of rich history. The Temple of Aphaia is arguably the jewel in the crown of Aegina island, wander around Paleachora, visit the archeological site of Kolona. Spend your Aegina holidays swimming, enjoying the beaches, sightseeing, discovering the island, sailing, walking, cycling, wining & dining. Visit neighbouring islands or combine Aegina with a day trip to Athens.


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Aegina, Egina 180 10, Greece

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