Bodrum – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°59’21.7″N 27°38’59.1″E / 36.989359, 27.649740

Alakışla Bükü lies on the northern part of Karaburun and Yıldız Adası. Care is needed for the rocks in the dept of 1 meter, 300 meters away from the shore. This rocky patch is marked with a buoy. The passage between rocky patches to mainland is possible but, the route to the middle close to Yıldız Island is much safer.

The bights along the shore line from the point to the beach side, provides sheltering from westerly and northerlies. The bay is open to S and SE. The area is not inhabitated yet. The farthest south is called as Adalı Yalı. There is a rock in the middle. You can be anchored either in the front or at the rear with a line ashore. The water is very clear.

The cove on the north, affords sheltering from prevailing winds. Drop your anchor and get a line ashore. Alakışla Yalısı, stands on the north. The bottom is sand and rocky. You can be either pushed off or anchored with a line ashore. The bight on the west part of beach, is pretty with its limited berthing capacity. This anchorage is pretty in calm weather with attractive settings.

A rough path is connected with the road. Pine and olive trees cover the slopes.

A few ruins from the Byzantine era on the beach side are identified.

North Cove GPS : 36°59’26.0″N 27°38’36.0″E / 36.990556, 27.643333
Adalı Yalı GPS : 36°59’04.0″N 27°38’33.0″E / 36.984444, 27.642500
Alakışla Yalısı GPS : 36°59’47.0″N 27°38’49.0″E / 36.996389, 27.646944

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Bodrum, Muğla Province, Turkey

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