Altınova, Ayvalık – Balıkesir – Turkey

GPS : 39°12’37.5″N 26°44’04.6″E / 39.210427, 26.734608

Altınova, where blue and green dance with passion, is a town in Ayvalık. Altınova Beach 13 km south of the town, Altinova is famous for its beach as well as picnic areas and its forest.

With its sea that resembles sheets, the sun that warms your heart, tree-shaded roads, hospitable people, lazy cats, Greek houses with high ceilings in the garden, basil scented streets, kids playing freely in the neighborhood, delicious food, unhurried time and the streets are decorated with flowers, Altınova fascinates you. This fairy-tale beauty of town amazes you at the moment you step in.

Altınova, fascinates with its crystal clear deep blue sea, which is suitable for surfing, water-skiing, sailing and underwater sports. It is possible to surf in the port area thanks to the breezes blowing constantly. If you want to add some color and enjoyment to your holiday, leave yourself into the unique beauty of Altınova waters.

While walking in the shadow of pine and olive trees, under the spell of the Aegean, all troubles that bother you will fly away with the breeze winds of Altınova and you feel a sense of freedom. Sweet-scented air of Altınova will make you feel you are breathing after a long time.

The seafood such as octopus, squid, shrimp is prepared in the restaurants’ own way here. Besides baked cheese mussels, octopus with wine sauce, blackthorn, calamari cheesed-angler, you can try angler fish with sautéed mushrooms. vinegar squid and sea urchin roe.

The fertile lands of Altınova are mostly adorned by olive oil trees. Therefore olive and olive oil is an important source of income. Once you taste of this region’s extra virgin oil, you can not eat olive oil in somewhere else. As in most of the Aegean region, in Altınova cuisine herbs which captures a unique blend of olive oil stand out. Purslane and fresh black-eyed-peas are among the most consumed ones.

Altinova Beach 13 km. south of the town, Altinova is famous for its beach as well as picnic areas and its forest.

Capacity : 85 Boats

Naturel Breakwater

Shelter Facilities

Administration : Altınova Beldesi Fishery Products Cooperative

Kum Ada (Sand Island)
Connected to mainland with 450 m Bridge

Shopping : Supermarkets, Markets, Shops, Stores
Health : Health Center, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacies, Dentists
Accommodation : Hotels, Motels, Pensions, Rental Villas
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets, Bakeries
Special Shopping : Olive, Olive Oil, Watermelon

Places of interest

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Altinova, Altınova Mahallesi, 10400 Ayvalık/Balıkesir, Turkey

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