Andíparos Marina

Antiparos, Antiparos 840 07, Greece.

GPS: 37°02’24.7″N 25°05’06.5″E / 37.040205, 25.085145

Antiparos is a small island Antiparos south of Paros, separated by a narrow and shallow channel. It is a fairly popular vacation spot with the fashionable Athenian set. The main attraction of the island is its significant cave (open 10:45-15:00) complete with spectacular stalactites.
Antiparos was know in the antiquity as Oliaros. Tradition has it that the cave was discovered in the 7th century BC by the poet-soldier Archilochos from Paros who carved his name on stalactite starting a long tradition of graffiti and defacing.
The small harbor provides some protection from the meltemi but it is quite shallow (2-3 m). To the S, on the Antiparos Channel there are also several places where anchoring is possible. Any of these places are good for visiting the cave.
Warning: The Antiparos Channel is very shallow, in anything but calm weather it is better to approach these anchorages from the south.

Antíparos Marina is a small harbour located in the city with the same name with easy access to the Aegean Sea, making this port an oasis of serenity in a mainland of agitation The cave of Antiparos is one of the most famous attractions and will allow you to taste the atmosphere of dark caves packed with stalactites and rock carvings. Spend your afternoons relaxing on the terraces of the finest hotels and apartment houses in the city which include names like Kouros Village, Oliaros Seaside Lodge, Artemis Hotel, Mantalena Hotel and Dimitra Hotel. Restaurants in the area offer traditional fish dishes and the world famous Greek Gyros. The top rated restaurants in the vicinity include names like Captain Pipinos, T’ageri – Ouzo and Food Tavern, Pension Argo Restaurant, Pavlos Place and Bonos Taverna. The many food festivals held in Antiparos every year are the perfect chance to taste the freshest seafood dishes you have ever tried. Make Antiparos the starting point of your adventure.


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