Apollonas, Naxos 843 02 Greece.

GPS: 37°10’54.4″N 25°33’06.9″E / 37.181784, 25.551908

Apollonia Marina is a large port situated in the city with the same name on the Greek coastline. Its position is ideal as it offers access to the Aegean Sea and countless outdoor activities. Nautical sports and sunbathing on the Panormos Beach are “a must” if you’re a fan of sandy shores and superb water. If you’re looking for a place to feek a little bit of the Greek history, Kastro is the place to visit. This unique landmark is an immense fort situated on the shores of the Aegean and was once a strategic military outpost. Taste exotic cocktails and experience some of Grece’s finest traditional dishes in these restaurants: Cayenne Restaurant, Drimoni Restaurant, I Tris Xanthi Aggeli, Adiexodo and Ammos Restaurant. From Souvlaki and Fried Squid to Bougatsa and Diples, these venues serve it all. Nefeli Sunset Studios, Villa Mary Elenm Zoe Hotel and Glaronissia Hotel are waiting for you and your family. These excellent accommodation units will pamper you with sublime views and fantastic pools.


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Apollonas 843 02, Greece

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