Akyarlar, Bodrum – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°58’39.1″N 27°18’44.3″E / 36.977533, 27.312312

Once you get over the hill next to Bagla you are in Aspat. The famous local traditional song of Çökertme tells of this region. The cove for many years was a shelter for pirates. The castle was built as a monitoring point. The old stone building on the shore is believed to have been constructed by an Arab official from the island of Crete.

Aspat Bay or Aspat Koyü is a pleasant place to anchor. There are several restaurants ashore. During the day there are a lot of boats from Bodrum In the evening these boats leave but the loud music from the shore establishments start. Anchor in 7 m. Reasonable holding.

Those who come with their yachts love this region as it is closed to the north west winds. It has fresh drinking water available for those who come themselves or by Yachts.

Rising out of the shores of the Aegean and mentioned often in Turkish folk music, the real name of Aspat is Aspartos. Evliya Çelebi writes of Aspat in his Chronicles. Built upon a barren rock, the perimeter of Aspat Castle measures 700 paces. Here one may see the remains of a civilizations dating back to the Classic Age and continuing up until the present day.

Aspat Bay is very popular mainly with private yacht owners as it is naturally protected from strong winds, the bays name is famous among the Turkish people as it is mentioned in an old folk song.

Visitors can be sailed to from Bagla Bay.

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King Mausolus built the ancient city of Termera here and up on the hill are the ruins of the Castle of Aspat, which acted as a lookout point for pirates for many years when they occupied the cove; it is possible to walk up there, although it’s a rather difficult hike and takes about one hour to reach. There is also an old stone building at the shoreline that is believed to have been built by and Arab official who came from the Greek Island of Crete.

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Akyarlar, Akyarlar Mahallesi, 48960 Bodrum/Muğla Province, Turkey

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