Astrous marina

Paralio Astros 220 19, Greece

GPS: 37°24’51.1″N 22°45’59.0″E / 37.414184, 22.766376

Astrous Marina is a beautiful port situated in the city of Astros on the shores of the Aegean Sea with instant access to the Peloponnese Islands.

This busy little fishng port lies on the eastern coast of the Peloponnese. It is very Greek with lots of local sights and a long sandy beach popular with tourists.

Extensive work was carried out during to improve berthing in this harbour, with new pontoons built and harbour dredging to 3-4m.

This harbour now offers plenty of berthing options, with yachts having the choice of tying up to the outside breakwater or one of the two new floating pontoons to port on entry.

The harbour guide, left, clearly shows the number of spots available and was produced by SY Funny Girl who visited here in late September 2016.

Whilst depth is no longer a problem here, the bottom is still a mixture of mud and weed so holding can be poor in places. The port offers good shelter from the prevailing wind, but watch out for the local katabatic winds that switch on in the evening for a few hours from the N/NW.

Warning: There strong katabatic winds from the mountains in the evenings.

Astros or Astrous is nice harbor on the NE Peloponnese. The town has grown from a sleepy fishing village into a summer tourist resort, mostly domestic tourism. Overlooking the town there is a large medieval castle and at the end of the S mole there are the ruins some classical buildings.


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