Bodrum – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 37°01’27.0″N 27°22’41.5″E / 37.024167, 27.378181

Bitez Yalısı is after Aktur on the E side of this large bay. Name of the town Bitez Yalısı is derived from Greek mythology, meaning; vineyards and gardens. The village with its citrus orchards and olive trees, retains its original tranquility. The settings are attractive. Hotel and restaurants settlements are well planned and organized.

The northern side affords adeaquate shelter except from southerlies. The stream at the western side lies in. This part is shallow and marshy. There is a windsurf school in the vicinity. Swimming buoys are placed along the shore line. Boats can anchor off the buoys in the depths of 4 – 10 meters.

Pay attention for buoys and swimming platforms while dropping anchor. Strong wind swells are funneled down from the mountains at night. Care is needed, ease your chain as much as possible.

Bitez Quay
GPS : 37°01’19.4″N 27°22’53.6″E / 37.022048, 27.381560
The quay on the east is managed by Bitez Authority.

Boat berthing capacity is 12. Anchor is to be dropped for berthing. This quay and concrete pier with its annex gets very crowded in summer. Tripper boats are commonly berthing. Diving excursions are arranged from this quay. Advance booking is required to be withness of underwater beauties of Bodrum.

Shower facilities of the pier is well equipped.
A cafe within pier provides wireless connection.
Fuel can be obtained from truck-tanker.

You can go ashore by your dinghy and obtain provisions.

Places of interest

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Bodrum, Muğla Province, Turkey

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