Büyük Boncuklu Koyu Anchorage

Fethiye – Muğla – Turkey

Büyük Boncuklu Koyu
GPS : 36°37’18.7″N 29°04’36.1″E / 36.621861, 29.076703

The cove is cleaned up daily. There is no trace of filthy garbage, awful smells and flies. For a small entrance fee, one can take advantage of all the existing facilities. If you ask me, the major benefit has been the preservation of the inner gulf and the Boncuklu Cove, in actual fact the future of our sea, thanks to the sewer and purification systems.

The road follows the point that is in the shape of peninsula and ends in Kalemya Cove. However, if you are not staying at the Hillside Beach Club, you are not able to use the beach. You continue from the other side of Kalemya and get to Boncuklu Cove. There are facilities on the beach. There is a restaurant with palm trees on the beach and a small ancient ruins beside it. This is an ideal bay for people who like peaceful environments.

Boncuklu is very suitable for aqua sports and swimming. This naturally protected small bay rarely suffers from severe windy weather conditions and is very popular with the local people, particularly at weekends when they come to relax, swim have picnics and make barbeques.

Boncuklu is a naturally protected small bay and beach that never effected from harsh and windy weather conditions. This beach in general visited by locals especially at the weekends for picnic, resting, barbecue and swimming. As the beach is not frequently populated it is comparatively less effected by human damage. There is no installation neither providing accommodation nor eating and drinking therefore visitors should be prepared in all aspects to spend a day there.

The area between Boncuk and Karaburun is the only known reproduction area in the Mediterranean for sharks that are up to 2 meters tall. Diving tours are available to watch or film them, especially between May and June. Locals claim although the project is one that will save the sandbar sharks, which are harmless to humans, it is a blow to the long-established tourism business in the region.

Boncuk Bay was declared a protected site and officials from the Environment and Forest Ministry, Dokuz Eylül University’s Faculty of Fisheries, and the Underwater Research Society, or SAD, carried out some examinations in the bay. Following the examinations, the Environmental Protection Agency for Special Areas declared Boncuk Bay a protected area since it is home to Carcharhinus Plumbeus, sandbar sharks.

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Fethiye, Muğla Province, Turkey

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