Çamburnu , Sürmene – Trabzon – Turkey

GPS : 40°55’27.7″N 40°12’21.7″E / 40.924363, 40.206018

Main Breakwater Lighthouse
GPS : 40°55’31.3″N 40°12’21.0″E / 40.925353, 40.205825

Inner Breakwater Lighthouse
GPS : 40°55’25.2″N 40°12’20.1″E / 40.923668, 40.205578

As for the geographical location of Trabzon, it has been the center of maritime transportation in the past to the present Eastern Black Sea. The international trade in the region is carried out widely, as well as fishing. There has been a significant increase in the number of fishing boats used in the region from yesterday to today.

A large part of the fishing vessels demand is met by Çamburnu Shipyard in the Eastern Black Sea. In the early 20th century Çamburnu Shipyard began by manufacturing small wooden boat that are manufactured today has become an industrial center with modern building boats.

Minibus : Sürmene
Bus : Sürmene
Airport : Trabzon International Airport, Samsun International Airport, Sinop Airport

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Çamburnu, Çamburnu Mahallesi, 61530 Sürmene/Trabzon, Turkey

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