Çeşme – Izmir – Turkey

GPS : 38°19’23.9″N 26°18’01.6″E / 38.323296, 26.300442

Fenerburnu Lighthouse
GPS : 38°19’48.0″N 26°17’48.0″E / 38.330000, 26.296667
Focal Plane : 10 m / Tower Height : 4 m
Character : W. FI. 3.0 Second / Flashing Character : 0.3+2.7
Visibility Range : 8 nautical miles

VHF Channels : 72 / 16
Call Sign : ” cesme marina ”

Main Breakwater Lighthouse
GPS : 38°19’23.9″N 26°17’59.2″E / 38.323314, 26.299785

Port of entry
Check-in facilities (for Customs and Immigration)

At the western extremity of the Karaburun peninsula, Çeşme Marina is the perfect base from which to explore the countless islands of the beautiful Aegean Sea. With berths for yachts up to 60 m (200 ft) in length, the marina will offer all the world-class facilities you would expect when you combine the maritime heritage of Camper & Nicholsons with one of Turkey’s leading investment companies, IC Holding. Whether you are looking for a home port, a base for wintering or charter, or simply want to visit, Çeşme Marina offers an unrivalled location in the eastern Mediterranean.

Çeşme is a major new marina in the eastern Mediterranean. Situated adjacent to a marina village that will be both an architectural landmark and a major attraction for residents and visitors, Çeşme is set to become Turkey’s premier destination for yachts of all sizes. Accessible and well protected in all weathers, the harbour is also easy to reach by land, being just 45 minutes’ drive from Izmir and its international airport.

With facilities and service of the highest standard both afloat and ashore, Çeşme Marina will create a new focal point for the historic town of Çeşme, bring new life to its colourful waterfront and become the hub for luxury yachting in the eastern Mediterranean. The marina lies adjacent to the historic town of Çeşme, with its charming narrow streets and welcoming bars, restaurants and shops. The marina waterfront itself will be home to additional shops and restaurants, as well as a yacht club, health centre and spa.

The town’s restaurants serve traditional Turkish dishes, with some offering more contemporary international cuisine. Whatever the style, everything is based on the freshest of produce, with fish straight from the surrounding seas featuring very highly. All this comes with the warm welcome and hospitality for which the people of Turkey are justly famous.

As a port of entry, Çeşme is a convenient place to clear in and out between Turkey and the Greek Islands. With customs and immigration offices on site at the marina, formalities can be completed quickly and efficiently.

The marina waterfront will be home to a number of cafes, restaurants and shops, as well as a chandlery, launderette, washroom and supermarket. Wireless internet and dedicated car parking are also available.

All facilities and services will be of the very highest quality, just as you would expect from a partnership between the internationally renowned Camper & Nicholsons Marinas and one of Turkey’s leading investment companies, IC Holding. Together these two companies are turning Çeşme Marina into the perfect location for a short-term visit or a long-term base for your yacht.

Berthing : 400 yachts (up to 60 m – 200 ft in length)
Hard Standing : 100 yachts

Travel Lift : 80 Ton
Minimum Depth : 3 m


The channel between Chios and the mainland is free of unmarked dangers. The rocks, marked by a beacon a mile west of the entrance, should be kept a quarter of a mile to starboard – or leave to port, passing mid-way between the rocks and the headland. Pass between the breakwater to starboard and the pier to port. Çeşme’s conspicuous castle is easy to identify and lies immediately north east of the marina. Simply pass between the breakwater to starboard and the pier to port. On approach, contact the Marina Office on Channel 72 to arrange your berth.

Çeşme Marina have a capacity of 400 berths up to 60 m (200 ft). The marina is ideally located in a natural harbour with a minimum depth of 3 m, well protected by the surrounding land and by the breakwater to the north west.

24-hour mooring assistance and Capitainerie, 24-hour marina access, Electricity – 16 to 400amp, Fresh water from our desalination plant, Marina wide wireless broadband internet, 24-hour CCTV

All yachts berthed in Çeşme Marina also have access to: Fuel, Grey and black water discharge, Waste disposal station, Launderette, Luxury washrooms, Swimming pool.

Çeşme Marina offers a fully serviced boatyard with storage ashore for up to 100 yachts and an 80-ton travel hoist allowing for yachts to be lifted for maintenance and repair at all times. We have special offers available on our storage ashore, or for details or a personalized quote, please contact us. Our facilities ashore will include technical services such as paint and fiberglass work, machine-shop and welding, carpentry, marine engineering, and repairs and servicing for electrical and electronic equipment.

80-ton travel hoist, boat mover, storage ashore for up to 100 yachts on the hard standing, paint and fiberglass work, machine-shop and welding, carpentry, marine engineering, electrical and electronic equipment service & repair.

Technical services
Barog Marine, Marine Elektronik

Founded in 2008 International Çeşme Yacht Club (ICYC) is located at Çeşme Marina. The yacht club hosts many national and international races and rallies such as the Navy Cup, the most prestigious yachting event in Turkey. The sailing school within the yacht club trains children and teenagers.

Lemon Sailing School


Çeşme Marina will cater not only for the yachtsman but also for local residents and visitors to the area. The ambitious and sophisticated shore side development will create a new recreational and social focus for the town, with shops, boutiques, restaurants, and a yacht club. Designed in partnership with Atelier Xavier Bohl, creators of the world-famous Port Grimaud in St Tropez, the Çeşme marina concept is a cultural bridge between the western and oriental worlds.

Architecturally sympathetic to Çeşme’s historic surroundings and styled with charm and great attention to detail, the finished development will breathe new life into the town’s waterfront, while bringing a lifestyle that is both cosmopolitan and distinctly Turkish.

Monk by Babylon, Port Balık, Tuval, Wineway, Marinada, Milestone, Bonjour, Köprü Bistro, Mado, Verano Cafe & Bistro, Kumrucu Şevki, Level Bistro & Terrace, Rouge Marine, Burger King, Tuzu Biberi, Küba Marina


Cruising Area
With its strategic location at the centre of Turkey’s Aegean coast, Çeşme Marina offers immediate access to some of Turkey, and the Mediterranean’s most beautiful and unspoiled cruising. Chios, Kos, Rhodes and Crete are within a day or two’s sailing from Çeşme. Here are some additional suggested cruising destinations in Turkey and Greece, with approximate distances from Çeşme :

Chios 8nm, Ikaria 43nm, Lesbos 50nm, Samos 50nm, Mykanos 70nm, Kos 100nm, Santorini 125nm, Athens 135nm, Rhodes 150nm, Crete 190nm
Sığacık 37nm, Kuşadası 60nm, Ayvalık 67nm, Didim 84nm, Bodrum 100nm, Marmaris 180nm, Göcek 205nm, Istanbul 270nm

With its strategic location at the centre of Turkey’s Aegean coast – and as a port of entry – Çeşme offers immediate access to some of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful and unspoiled cruising. Crystal clear azure waters and untouched sandy beaches characterize the bays and anchorages within an hour or two’s sail, both on the mainland shore and on the picturesque Greek island of Chios, just 7.5 miles away.

50 Nm to the north lies the mountainous and heavily wooded island of Lesbos, and a similar distance to the south is Samos – one of the Aegean’s most fertile islands, where grapes, olives, figs, almonds and honey are harvested in abundance. Further afield, the destinations of Kos, Rhodes and Crete are all within a day or two’s sail. The spring and autumn seasons enjoy dry and settled weather ideal for cruising, and the summer heat is tempered by the prevailing northerly Meltemi breeze, which provides ideal sailing conditions most days from noon to dusk.

Çeşme district is 80 kilometers from the Izmir metropolis and is the furthest point of Turkey in the west. Çeşme is surrounded by Urla in the east, Karaburun in the north and the Aegean Sea in the south and west and is 8 miles way from the Chios island of Greece. The western side of the Urla peninsula is known as Çeşme peninsula.

Around Çeşme you will find many good beaches. Elsewhere in Turkey the beaches are often stony or with rough sand, but in the Çeşme region there are fine beaches with white sand. The 2 largest beaches in the area are Ilıca and “Golden Beach” (Altınkum). Ilıca beach is probably one of the most family oriented beaches, with fine white sand and clear blue water which is relatively shallow for the first 20 meters or so. Altınkum is a little more tourist oriented, it has to be said that water at Golden beach is a few degrees colder than other beaches.

Restaurant & Cafe
There are a lot of restaurants in Çeşme. But why not try the famous Turkish kitchen ? Start your dinner with one (or more) of the many “meze” (starters), for example the “hot” Antep ezme with chili, or “cacık”. Many restaurants also serve an excellent tomato soup with cheese. Almost every restaurant serves various forms of kebab, along with dishes from the international kitchen. All the way through the main street, in several side streets and by the harbour you will find good restaurants.

Çeşme Hot Springs
One of the most interesting and rare places in the world, the springs are right on the coast near the Çeşme Hot Springs beach on the Izmir – Çeşme road 5 km from Çeşme. The water temperature is around 58°C and contains sodium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium chloride. The waters are good for those suffering from chronic rheumatism, problems arising from poor metabolism, such as gout and obesity, as well as rickets, skin conditions, gynecological disorders, and liver and urinary tract conditions. There are modern facilities in the vicinity of the Hot Springs.

The town itself dominated by Çeşme Castle. While the castle is recorded to have been considerably extended and strengthened during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II, sources differ as to their citation of the original builders, whether the Genoese or the Turks at an earlier time after the early 15th century capture. A statue of Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Pasha, one of the naval commanders of the Battle of Chesma is in front of the castle and the Pasha is depicted caressing his famous pet lion and facing the town square.

The battle itself, although ended in Ottoman defeat, had seen Hasan Pasha pulling out honorably after having sunk the Russian flagship Sv. Evstafii, together with his own ship, after which he had to follow the main battle from the coast before joining the capital by way of land, where he rapidly rose to become a distinguished grand vizier.

A few paces south of the castle, there is an Ottoman caravanserai built in the early centuries of the Ottoman conquest in 1528 by order of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, and it is now restored and transformed into a boutique hotel. The imposing but redundant 19th century Greek Orthodox church of Ayios Haralambos is used for temporary exhibitions. Along some of the back streets of the town are old traditional Ottoman houses, as well as Sakız house-type residences of more peculiar lines, for the interest of strollers.


Ferryboat : Çeşme – Chios (Greece), Brindisi (Italy), Ancona (Italy)
Seabus : Çeşme – Chios (Greece)
Bus : Çeşme – İzmir
Minibus : Çeşme – Çiftlik, Dalyan, Alaçatı, Reisdere, Ovacık
Airport : İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport

Places of interest

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Çeşme, Ovacık Mahallesi, Çeşme/İzmir, Turkey

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