Club Nautico Marina di Carrara

Viale Cristoforo Colombo 2, 54033 Marina di Carrara, Carrara,

VHF: 72

GPS: 44°02’02.7″N 10°02’29.9″E / 44.034811, 10.040989

The commercial harbour of Marina di Carrara lies some five miles SE of the Gulf of La Spezia and two miles east of the shallow entrance of the Bocca di Magra (Magra River). As its name implies, the harbour was built and is used for the shipment of the highly prized Carrara marble quarried in the hinterland. Generations of masons and sculptors have used Carrara marble since Roman times (the Pantheon and Trajan’s Column in Rome are made of it). Michelangelo’s world-renowned sculpture of David was also crafted from Carrara marble. At the northern end of the harbour is a small 190-berth marina run by the Club Nautico di Carrara which receives yachts in transit.

The prevailing winds along the Tuscan coast are from NW or W and are mostly moderate, rarely rising above force 5. Close inshore, a yacht will often encounter SE or even S winds, especially around the offshore islands, or long periods of calm. A depression passing to the N along the line of the Alps will sometimes cause a libeccio, a strong SW wind that occasionally reaches gale force and causes a heavy swell. In winter, the tramontana is a very strong N or NE wind that blows down off the Alps and can affect most of the NW coast of Italy.

The cranes of the harbour are conspicuous on the approach, as are the breakwaters of the commercial quays, where there are usually ships loading. The harbour is entered from SE between the breakwaters, when the pontoons of the Club Nautico will be visible to starboard. Depths at the pontoons range from 3.5 metres at the root to 5.5 metres at the southern end.

Club Nautico Marina di Carrara is also identified as Nautic Club Marina of Carrara or Porto di Carrara and it is hosted by the Italian city of Carrara which is a part of the province of Massa and Carrara in the region of Tuscany. This marina can be found on the Carrione River and it attracts tourists who are fond of nature and enjoy mountain landscapes. Carrara is famous for its marble exploitation and quarries that have been used since the Roman era. Besides from this impressive treasure of nature, there are numerous historic attractions that should not be missed by tourists such as the Cathedral, the Ducal Palace, the Baroque Church of San Francesco, the Church of the Suffragio, etc. Marvellous caves and caverns can be visited here by adventurers who are willing to explore every corner of this fantastic destination. Bronze art, sculptures and artworks of famous artists can be seen here. Roman remains can also be seen in isolated areas of the imposing mountain.

На северном конце гавани есть небольшая 190-местная яхтенная марина Клуб Наутико ди Каррара (Club Nautico di Carrara), которая принимает арендованные и другие транзитные яхты.

В марине 190 мест для стоянки яхт до 30 метров длинной на воде. Глубины на понтонах варьируются от 3,5 до 5,5 метров. Есть небольшая ремонтная яхтенная верфь с передвижным крано на 150 тонн. Возможны ремонты двигателей и яхтенной электрики и электроники. Есть парусная мастерская.

Как добраться

Добраться до Марина-ди-Каррара можно из аэропортов Флоренции, городов Пизы и Генуи. Врямя в пути – 30 минут. Можно доехать поездом до станции Каррара (линии Генуя-Парма-Болонья; Ливорно-Милан; Турин-Генуя-Вентимилья-Пиза-Флоренция-Рим), на автомобиле по автомагистрали Генуя-Ливорно

Additional information

Length: minimum 10 m maximum 27 m
Draught: minimum 1 m maximum 5.5 m
Number of berths: 190


Drinking water
Dressing rooms
Fuel station
Waste collection
Residual water collection
Bilge Collection
Service Station for ships
Master harbour

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