Corinth Harbour

Korinthos 201 00, Greece

VHF : 12, 16

GPS: 37°56’27.5″N 22°56’08.5″E / 37.940978, 22.935683

Corinth or Kórinthos is a large city on the SE of the Gulf of Corinth. While it has a large commercial harbour, its optimistically named Corinth Yacht Harbour has little to offer a cruising yacht and space is almost non-existent inside. If you are prepared to put up with mooring alongside just east of the commercial harbour, Corinth is a good place to leave the yacht while visiting the many interesting archeological sites within a few hours drive. There are berths alongside the wall for about 4 boats. The most westerly has depths of 4 metres, 20 metres along 2.6 metres, then shallower as you go east.
If you must try for a place in the yacht harbour, note that the only secure berths are alongside the end of two T pontoons to starboard once inside the harbour. The further one seems to be permanently occupied by a local boat and, if the nearer one is taken, you either have to raft up on it or go to the commercial harbour. If you are tempted to try going alongside the jetty that encloses the tiny fishing boat harbour, note that the depths here are less than 2.0 metres and that there are some fender-bursting projections along the wall – not a nice place to leave a yacht.
While the area around the commercial harbour is run down, the plazas immediately South of the Marina are surprisingly vibrant at night attracting many hundreds of happy people.

Danger: With strong NE winds entering and leaving the commercial harbor can be dangerous.

Corinth Harbour is a famous port situated in the city of Corinth with instant access to the shores of the Ionian Sea. This fantastic harbour is the host of many superb beaches and cobalt blue waters. Corinth is the ideal vacation destination for tourists who enjoy delicious cocktails and romantic atmosphere. When arriving in this city, we suggest visiting The Monument of Ancient Corinth, The Corinth Canal and the famous Temple of Apollo and Archaia Korinthos, the site of the ancient town of Corinth destroyed by an earthquake in the 19th century. Book a room in the most luxurious hotels in the vicinity: Astra Suites, Andronis Luxury Suits, Petinos Beach Hotel, Nissaki Hotel and Lato Boutique Hotel. Traditional Greek cuisine is no stranger to this city and the numerous restaurants in the area offer menus fit for every taste and budget. Experience a unique culinary experience in Marinos Restaurant, Londou Fish Tavern, Charama and Taverna Bozika and you will not regret your decision.


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