Dalyanköy, Çeşme – Izmir – Turkey

GPS : 38°21’26.5″N 26°19’03.4″E / 38.357352, 26.317608

Toprak Adası Lighthouse
GPS : 38°23’15.8″N 26°16’23.9″E / 38.387737, 26.273292
Focal Plane : 24 m, Tower Height : 6 m
Character : W. FI. 10.0 Second, Flashing Character : 1.0+9.0
Visibility Range : 7 nautical miles

Dalyanköy Lighthouse
GPS : 38°21’27.3″N 26°19’02.1″E / 38.357572, 26.317264
Focal Plane : 10 mt, Tower Height : 8 mt
Character : W. FI. 5.0 Second, Flashing Character : 1.0+4.0
Visibility Range : 7 nautical miles

VHF Channels : 16
Call Sign : ” dalyankoy marina ”

Dalyanköy is a coastal village 2 km to Çeşme. Some call it as “the Bosphorus of Çeşme”. The sea has formed a natural harbor getting slowly into the land in Dalyanköy. Fishponds had been established in this recession, the name of the village comes from these fishponds (Dalyanköy means fishpond village).

While the Northern Aegean Sea is getting rough, fishing boats and sailing boats are enjoying tranquility in this bay. Dalyanköy is an ideal shelter for fishing boats, yachts and all kind of boats. This marina is very suitable for winterizing.

Dalyanköy is an extremely sheltered entrance to land. Its bottom which was a clay area once upon a time has been cleaned and it has become a natural marina getting more and more modern. Once it was a natural shelter. Later it was adorned with a marina and got famous for its fish restaurants.

Dalyanköy is 1 mile from the southern end of Top Burnu (Point) on the western shore of Ildır Bay. It is a fjord like cove indenting to the west. Care is needed at the entrance.

Stay well off the point on the port side. A reef and shoal water lie about 40 meters. There is a mermaid statue on the point. There is a statue on the short breakwater on starboard side. The entrance is narrow. Yachts longer than 25 meters should not enter the port because maneuvering room is restricted. The bottom is muddy here and there is good all – round shelter.

Afloat : 400 yachts
Ashore : 60 yachts

There are laid moorings tailed on quay.

Main Breakwater : 80 m

Marina Services
Fresh Water
Fish Market
There is a slipway for small boats

Administration : First part is operated by Dalyanköy Fishery Products Cooperative and second part at deep is operated by Çeşme Municipality.

Shopping : Supermarket, Shops, Markets, Stores
Health : Health Center, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacies, Dentists
Accommodations : Hotels, Motels, Pensions, Rental Houses
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets, Bakery
Communication : Post Office, Phone, Internet
Hair dresser
Beach : Blue Flag Duma Beach, clear water
Entertainment : Discotheques, Bars, Night Clubs
Special Shopping : Gum mastic, Gum mastic icecream
Diving : Courses, Operators
Public Market : Takes place on Tuesdays.

Eating fish in Dalyanköy is a classic in Çeşme. The fish restaurants and eating places are overcrowded at weekends and they are full of families eating dinner collectively.


You cannot swim in its recession, however there are enjoyable and clean swimming places around it. Kocakarı beach and Sakızlıköy are the leading ones.

Dalyanköy Marins – Çeşme Center 4 km, İzmir Center 4 km.
Bus : Dalyanköy – Çeşme, İzmir, Ildırı
Minibus : Dalyanköy – Çeşme
Airport : İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport

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Dalyan Mahallesi, 35930 Çeşme/İzmir, Turkey

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