Datça – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°42’48.3″N 27°24’18.6″E / 36.713407, 27.405159

This is the closest bay to Knidos, it is not marked at on the map, but it is at Tekir bükü. Tekir is the name of the point on which Knidos is situated. Near Değirmen there is an old mill there where people used to bring their grains to be milled into flour, probably because of the reliably strong winds here. There is also a walking trail from Değirmen to Knidos through a deserted village.

Değirmen Bükü itself is a wide open bay with only one building, a private holiday house, close to the beach, a small creek and a large stand of eucalyptus trees. The road to Değirmen is off to the right, just before Yazıköy, when you’re going towards Knidos. It takes about an hour to drive down to the bay. On the road to Değirmen is a turnoff that will take you further to the west, ending at small rocky bay suitable for snorkelling. For those that prefer to avoid the crowds it is a peaceful and private day out.

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Datça, İskele Mahallesi, 48900 Datça/Muğla, Turkey

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