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GPS : 36°55’34.8″N 28°09’51.3″E / 36.926330, 28.164239
The Değirmen Inlet, which has the islands of Kara and Zeytinli at its entrance, is the largest cove of Gökova. It is 3 kilometers long and more than 800 meters in width. Within the cove there are some of the most popular locations for those taking the Blue Cruise, the British Port (Çanak Koyu), the Cove of Okluk where the Presidential Summerhouse is sited, and coves of Hırsız, Malderesi and Sazanlı.

The largest bay in Gökova Gulf, intends 2 M to the south of Zeytinli Ada between points; Sazan Burnu and İnce Burun. On cruising from Zeytin Ada, the shores on our starboard extending to the east are attractive spots. Care is needed to avoid from the rocky and shallow patches from tip of the points. Anchorage is possible with a line ashore.

Değirmen Bükü is one of the major inlets in the Gökova Bay. There are a number of inlets in this thicket which is reached from the east passing Karaada and Zeytinliada at the west. But one should be careful when sailing in the vicinity of Körmen Islands located at the west of the thicket in front of Çiçekli Cape.

There are piers you can moor up to and restaurants at the entrance of Okluk Inlet located at the eastern shore within Değirmen Bükü. You may either drop anchor in front of these piers or in the harbor. Then comes Camlik Inlet. Malderesi Harbor next to Gazulen Creek constitutes the extreme end of Değirmen Bükü, which is clayed and turbid as Ince and Küçük Kayın Creeks flow in this region of the thicket. At the west part of the inlet there is English Harbor and Hırsız Harbor.

There are numerous safe anchorages dotted around the shores of the bay. English Harbour itself is on the western side of the bay. Here you can anchor in 6 -7 metres and take a line ashore. The bottom is mud and the holding is good. On the eastern side of the bay you can anchor and take a line ashore or, alternatively, go bows-to the wooden jetty off the northernmost of the restaurants.

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Marmaris, Muğla Province, Turkey

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