Datça – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°40’21.3″N 27°38’16.3″E / 36.672578, 27.637855

Yachts sailing out of Hayıt Koyu would next enter Mağara Koyu, which is situated between Parmak Burnu and Kel Burnu. Although this bay derives its name from the fact that there is a cave situated at the east entrance to the bay, the local people also call it Domuz Çukuru, as there are a lot of wild pigs running around here.

The actual name of this bay, which is covered in island pine woods, is Parmak Bükü. It is exposed to southerlies, so you can drop anchor in 6 – 7 m along the southeast shoreline.

After departing this bay and swinging around ince Burun, which is indicated on the chart by a lighthouse, you can sail for Kargı Koyu, which, at a distance of 2.5 nautical miles, is the nearest bay to Datça.

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Datça, İskele Mahallesi, 48900 Datça/Muğla, Turkey

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