Évdhilos harbour

Evdilos 833 02, Ikaria island, Greece

VHF channel 12

GPS: 37°37’55.1″N 26°10’44.7″E / 37.631975, 26.179090

Evdhilos is the second harbour of Ikaria. It is a small harbour on the N side of the island, ten miles SSW of Cape Dhrepanon at the eastern tip of Ikaria. An extension to the outer breakwater has made Evdhilos a rather more secure port of call than hitherto. In addition, over the past two years a new ferry ramp and viaduct, together with a small yacht and fishing boat basin, have been constructed inside the harbour, affording visiting yachts much better protection than before. However, the outer harbour is still very exposed to strong NE winds and a swell develops even in the new yacht basin in these conditions (force 6/7 and above). Nevertheless, the port police advise that the swell is uncomfortable rather than dangerous.
Tie up alongside on the inner side of or on the bottom end of the L-shaped jetty (see photo). Alternatively – and in settled conditions only – either lie alongside the outer side or do an anchor moor back to it. Beware of the pile of rocks at the ‘elbow’ of the jetty (where there are two steps up), as depths here are reduced to less than 2.0 metres over the rocks. Otherwise depths along both sides of the jetty are between 2.5 and 3.0 metres, in spite of the mooring blocks seemingly dumped there.
Electricity and water are available from three silver-coloured stanchions at the eastern end of the basin (you will need a 50 metre-plus extension/hose if right on the end of the jetty). There is a bank with an ATM, several tavernas and three supermarkets in the town.
Warning: A large Hellenic Seaways ferry enters the port four times a week on its way to Piraeus, creating a considerable surge that lasts for up to twenty minutes. Make sure you are well fendered and securely tied up and stay out of the bosun’s chair if a ferry is due! (Mo & Fr 23h.40 and Tu & Su 05h.30)
With the recent extension (work is still ongoing in 2014 it is possible to anchor off just east of the new inner basin and west of the cliff. Anchor in 5.0 – 6.0 metres on sand. Good holding.
The extension of the new harbour and the bridge for the road are finished. End of August 2016 the ferries (1 – 2/day) still use the N breakwater for disembarkation.
The – new – harbour in the S, at the E-end of the new mole is cramped with locals and shallow. You can go stern-to at the N-side of this new mole (there seem to be water and electricity) or to the W part of the N outer mole (old part). Tab in the middle of the old mole, no electricity. Caution: There are rocks with less than 1.6m app. 4m from the mole. With wind force 2-3 there is a permanent swell – may be worse with meltemi.

Évdhilos Marina is a medium size harbour situated in the city with the same name with immediate access to the Aegean Sea. Yaliskari Beach and Seychelles Beach are very famous and offer tourists sensational landscapes and marvellous sunsets. If you wish to enjoy a quiet day on open waters you can book guided tours that start from Yaliskari and surround the island. Visitors can also experience the religious culture of this area by visiting Theoktistis Monastery. It is a large landmark with stunning architecture and a magnificent chapel. Taste sublime fish dishes and traditional Greek food like Spanakopita and Kolokythakia in these superb restaurants: Medusa Café, Évdhilos Restaurant and Evdoxia. Book rooms in Balconi Hotel Studios, Karras Star Hotel, Kerame Studios Hotel and Atheras Hotel and you will not regret it. These quality hotels will dazzle you with cheerful personnel and magnificent views of the Aegean. Relax and enjoy all that Évdhilos marina has to offer.

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