Foúrnoi harbor

Fourni 834 00, Sámos, Greece.

GPS: 37°34’42.9″N 26°28’41.6″E / 37.578580, 26.478221

Fourni (Φούρνοι) located SW of Samos island and SE of Ikaria island actually consist of three islands: Fourni, Thymaina (Θύμαινα) or Fimaina, and Ayios Minas (Άγιος Μηνάς). They are part of the Samos prefecture.
During the 19th century and earlier they were infamous for their pirates. Today, they are inhabited by fishermen and collectively they own the largest fishing fleet in the Aegean. In the town (also called Fournoi), there are several restaurants serving seafood and lobsters at a very reasonable, by Greek standards, price.
The Fourni islands are off the beaten track and not too many cruisers visit them. Maybe the violent gusts deter them. This is a shame because these islands are very indented and have many attractive coves where a yacht can anchor and enjoy the solitude.

The harbor of Fourni or Korséi (Κορσέοι) gets a fair amount of swell with the ‘meltemi’ and to compound the problem its rocky bottom with a thin layer of mud provides poor holding. The best place for a yacht is alongside the southern side of the ferry jetty at the SE side of the harbor, where there is space for two yachts to raft up, or (if a ferry is not parked there) alongside the northern side of the same jetty. Occasionally it is possible to moor for short periods on the inside of the harbor breakwater, where the fishing fleet berths, although you may be asked to move if a fishing boat wants the space. Yachts sometimes anchor moor on the outside of this breakwater, but this should only be attempted in very settled weather as berths here are completely open to the NW.
Warning: Be aware that a large Hellenic Seaways ferry now calls at Fourni several times a week, arriving at 0500 and sending a minor tsunami into the harbor. If you are alongside the ferry jetty, the port police will ask you to move off temporarily for your own safety. Take their advice!
It is an attractive town and a “must see place” for anyone interested in traditional Greek wooden boats (caiques). Unfortunately an ill-conceived EU program sponsored by the EU that is aimed at reducing over fishing is destroying a centuries old maritime heritage. The program pays a substantial sum to a fisherman who retires his fishing boat, provided that the boat is destroyed. Here, in Fourni where there are many traditional caiques, the effect of this well-meaning program is to destroy many irreplaceable traditional wooden boats. Last winter, we were told by the locals, with tears in their eyes, that two beautiful trechandiria, in very good condition, were broken with a bulldozer.
The main harbor is in the town of Fourni and it is not a very comfortable anchorage.

Foúrnoi Marina is a medium size harbour located in the town of Fourni on the coastline of the Aegean Sea. Foúrnoi is a recreational marina that focuses on nautical activities and tourism and it welcomes its visitors with an active city with plenty of attractions and superb sandy beaches. The port has an exotic air and charms its guests with beautiful sunsets, but it also offers rich historical heritage and cultural inheritance that make this location special. Monumental buildings can be seen while wandering through the city, as well as modern parks and public gardens that make this area one of a kind. Greek cuisine is absolutely delicious and the many restaurants in the area offer menus fit for every taste and budget. Here is a list of the top rated venues: Sto Kazani and Platanos Cretan Cuisine. Hotels in the area will always welcome you with open arms and cheerful personnel. Here are the top rated hotels: Archipelagos Hotel, Bilios Apartments and Patras Apartments.


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