Fríkes , Greece.

GPS: 38°27’32.4″N 20°39’50.8″E / 38.458998, 20.664108

This picturesque little harbour is on the east coast of the northern island. Yachts berth alongside the small quay and are expected to raft up. Strong southerly winds can cause a problem, but otherwise it is a safe harbour. Water and electricity on the quay.

The small harbour of Frikes lies on the NE coast of the island of Ithaca in the Ionian Sea of Greece, a mile N of Kioni and five miles N of Vathi. Although a popular destination for yachts of all sizes during the season, Frikes has a poor reputation for strong gusts during moderate to fresh prevailing winds and – in particular – for occasional dangerous wash from ferries passing offshore. However, in spite of its disadvantages, it is a charming and largely unspoilt village and is a good place for an overnight stop in settled weather and assuming one takes sensible precautions in the event of ferry wash. Shelter in the harbour is moderate to good in the prevailing NW winds (although gusts are experienced), but Frikes should be avoided in strong easterlies.

There are no hazards in the approach to Frikes, although there are offshore reefs along the coast a mile to the N. With the afternoon seabreezes, there can be strong gusts down the valley behind Frikes, which can make mooring a challenge. Depths along the quays are mostly between 2.0 and 3.0 metres, so Frikes is not really suitable for deep draft yachts. Shelter in the harbour is adequate with the prevailing winds, but Frikes is untenable in strong easterlies.
However, the main problem with the harbour is the unpredictable danger posed by wash from passing ferries. Apparently, when running a little behind schedule, ferries have been known to ‘cut the corner’ when passing down the E side of Ithaca, causing a mini-tsunami in Frikes owing to the funnelling effect of the bay. Unlike the weather, this cannot be predicted and yachts have been damaged in the harbour – especially if moored alongside on the N quay (which no sensible skipper would ever do in spite of the photo shown).

There four main berthing options in Frikes, depending on wind direction and a yacht’s draft (for map and summary details, click on Interactive map of berthing options in Frikes, Ithaca):
Breakwater Quay, E Quay, Outside breakwater, N Quay.


There are a number of small coves both N and S of Frikes which provide good anchorages in settled weather. Most of them have considerable depths, however, and it will probably be necessary to take lines ashore for safety.


Seasonal ferries to Vasiliki and Fiskardo


The village is small but charming and not yet spoilt by tourism. Apart from that, it is just a place to chill out unless you have transport.

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