Galatas Marina

Galatas,Poros 180 20, Greece

GPS: 37°30’09.0″N 23°27’12.8″E / 37.502492, 23.453558

Galatas Marina is a large size harbour situated in the city with the same name, on the shores of the beautiful Aegean Sea. It is a top rated visiting place amongst tourists and will give you the chance to experience unique areas like the ancient archaeological site of Mycenae and the Temple of Aphaia. These historical landmarks will connect you to Greece’s ancient history. Restaurants in the area are open all year round and will transform a simple dinner into a feast for a king. Taste delicious seafood dishes and exotic beverages in these quality venues that will amaze your taste buds: Taverna Elia and Kalamaki Restaurant Beach Bar. The finest hotels in the city await and will provide the opportunity for you to experience extraordinary seaside views as well as fantastic pools and massage parlours. Philoxenia Hotel Apartments Messolonghi, Socrates Organic Village, Hotel Theoxenia Messolonghi and Hotel Liberty Messolonghi are the best names in town.

Galatas is the sister town of Poros, which is just 350 metres away across a small sea chanel. It has a pleasant waterfront, where you can sit and relax in many of the cafes, bars or tavernas, enjoying wonderful views of Poros. Galatas is still a very traditional Greek coastal town, where time seems to stand still. In Galatas they say that “the best thing about being on Poros is the beautiful view”, especially at night with all the lights reflecting on the sea. The cost of living in Galatas is slightly cheaper than Poros and the tourist market is undeveloped. There are plenty of hotels, tavernas, cafes and bars along the waterfront, but the town still retains its genuine Greek feeling and most of the inhabitants live by growing olives and citrus-fruits (the town is famous for its 30,000 citrus tree Lemonodassos Lemon forest) as opposed to tourism.


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Poros - Galatas, Greece

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