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GPS : 41°12’48.1″N 29°06’39.0″E / 41.213351, 29.110824

Nearby Istanbul, Garipçe Villagehave managed to preserve their purity and texture. Nature, peace and delicious food right around Istanbul! Garipçe Village. This villages resemble the Eastern Black Sea coastal villages, with its fresh air, tranquility and peaceful nature. At the northern part of Istanbul, where the Bosphorus broadens and hugs the sea, on the spot that the land ends and the sea begins; a place that never lacks northeast winds and cold in the winter, and the sultry summers do not trouble, there are two villages, very green and very blue: Rumelifeneri and Garipçe Village.

The village, that approximately has 100 houses or over, now lies below us. Half-timbered Black Sea houses run down both slopes. In older times, when there was no road and you could reach Sarıyer only by the sea, village life was very disconnected from the outer world. The name of the village “garip” (poor, miserable) comes from this isolated life the village had lived for a long time. The center of the village, resembling a traditional village circle, stands right on the shore.

Garipçe resides just at the heart of the junction where Bosphorus and Blacksea hug each other. Besides having the joy of a wonderful sea view, houses that have been built ashore the sharp cliff present a visual show in this pretty cute village. However, with the starting of construction of third Bosphorus bridge, destiny of this village will be prone to a radical change soon.

They earn a living as fishermen. As it is a fishing village, the men take to the sea at the beginning of September when the fishing ban is lifted, and return in June when it is reinstated. Garipçe, a tiny village in metropolitan Istanbul, near the Black Sea, was known among Turks for being a retreat, a place that offered fresh fish beside a clean expanse of water but was still accessible by city bus. The village survives on fishing and light tourism; the latter slows in the winter, when cold wind blows off the water, through a narrow cove, and up the single paved street, sweeping Garipçe’s six hundred or so residents indoors.


Harbour Facilities
Drinkable Water

Administration : Garipçe Köyü Fishery Products Cooperative

Shopping : Shops, Markets, Stores
Accommodation : Pensions, Hotels, Motels, Rental Houses
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets, Bakeries.
Communication : Post Office, Phone, Internet,Wi-Fi

Genoese castle
Immediately on the left, stands the 500 years old Genoese castle. The castle still survives with its arched walls, stepped cuttings and cellars, although it looks uncared for and messy due to treasure seekers. The castle has a seascape panorama, and it is planned to be converted to an underwater museum in the future.

Swimming is not allowed in some place in the village, as it is dangerous and the residents of Garipçe do not like to be upset. Only some parts of the Garipçe shore await swimmers. Those arriving from Sarıyer and Garipçe by boat use the Büyük Liman public beach. However, this beach lacks facilities like showers, changing rooms, toilets or shops. We must add that walking around in the village in swimming gear or bikinis is not allowed.

Healing waters
One of the most important features of the village is the soft spring, which is said to be good for kidney stones. The spring is known as the Pilgrims’ Water or Hacı Süleyman Spring. The Seaside restaurant is just behind the spring.

Apart from tourists, the Garipçe Village is also frequented by residents of Sarıyer and other close by districts for lunch and dinner. Many come only to sample the delicious and fresh fish. There are only three restaurants in Garipçe, and especially on weekends they are full to the brim. None of the restaurants serve alcohol. Instead of the sound of glasses clinking, you will hear mussels frying and customers ordering anchovies or flatfish. You will also hear the sounds of the cats waiting to be fed underneath the tables and the seagulls. Before we forget, the village is also famous for its breakfast.

They are clean and have pleasant services. Fishes available due to seasons.


Garipçe – Sarıyer 10 km
Bus : Garipçe – Istanbul, Sarıyer

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