Glifadha Marina A

Glyfada 165 61, Attiki, Greece

VHF: 9

GPS: 37°52’16.6″N 23°43’57.9″E / 37.871280, 23.732743

The marina Glifadha Marina A is located in Athens (Greece). All guests who moor there will have access to very basic services, such as water, electricity and gas station. Its users may take advantage of its complete basic range of services. The marina can also provide its customers nautical services which may be of use.

This is a very expensive marina with a minimum of services. It is always crowded by permanent customers (long waiting list) and visitors can rarely be accommodated.
The entrance of the marina is hard to see until you are almost there.
Danger: With a strong SW swell entering to the marina can be very tricky and at times untenable.
Marina A in Glyfadha (Γλυφάδα) or Glifada is usually very crowded and you have to rouse the lazy attendants to direct where to go. It does provide very good all weather shelter. The marina is operated by the municipality of Glyfadha and the level of service can only be kindly described as indifferent. Unfortunately the marina rates are astronomical.
If you are lucky an attendant will give a mooring. You and go bows-to where directed.
If there is no attendant in evidence go where there is a free berth. Be aware, however, that most likely the berth belongs to someone.
Athenians have to wait years after entering a long waiting list before they can have a berth.

Неподалёку от Глифады есть одноименная марина- марина Glyfadas. Это марина находится недалеко от города Глифада. Время езды от центра Афин составляет около 40 минут, а от международного аэропорта составляет около 1 часа. Glyfadas является публичной мариной со свободным доступом (в отличии от клубных марин, куда можно попасть только будучи членом определенного яхт-клуба). В нем могут разместиться до 800 яхт. Марина предоставляет много возможностей для владельцев лодки, и расположена очень близко к магазинам, кафе, банкам и ресторанам.

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Glyfada 165 61, Greece

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