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GPS : 37°03’13.3″N 27°13’57.0″E / 37.053706, 27.232513

Gümüşlük is a sleepy fishing village partly occupying the site of ancient Myndos, with the happy consequence that development around the village is strictly controlled. Gümüşlük is an adeqaute natural shelter on the western part of Bodrum Peninsula. It lies between Points Dönmez Burnu on the NW and Kara Bakla Burnu on the SW and it is hidden by 1.2 Nm to the east of Çavuş Adası.

The city enclosed the harbour by means of a wall on the ridge along the western side of the bay and continued in an almost perfect square inland to the east. Much of the wall can be traced, but little else remains although there is an excellent deep anchorage between the headland and Rabbit Island, around which there are submerged mosaics that will be of interest to snorkelers on a Gümüşlük yacht charter.

Gümüşlük is subject to heritage conservation programme, to preserve its identity. Some fragments from Myndos can be observed. The village took its name from silver ore around. Since 2004, the village has played host to the Gümüşlük International Classical Music Festival.

There’s also an inviting beach at the far end of the village, sun-loungers and cushions are available for free but you may wish to purchase a drink or snack from the cafe which can be brought to you if you wish. Gümüşlük has an attractive sand and gravel beach with some watersports facilities and equipment to rent.

Today the village has become very popular with its fish restaurants ashore. Along the waterfront, there are a dozen or more restaurants from which to choose – seafood is the order of the day here and you can expect spanking fresh fish but hopefully no salty wine.

The bay should be entered close to the island on the east side in order to avoid the sunken remains of the mole on the west (which are usually buoyed anyway). Once inside, anchor wherever you can, if necessary taking a line ashore or dropping a kedge anchor to avoid swinging. Depths range from 15 – 16 meters in the centre to 5 – 10 meters at the head and sides of the bay. Holding is good once through the weed.

At the entry, from the peninsula to the direction of islet, below sea level dressed stones of old breakwater runs out for about 30 m from the shore. Keep clear away. Reefs of concrete quay run out about 40 m from the shore on your starboard. The sheltering part is to the north. The depths in the way are 6 – 15 m and gradually shelve to the shore. Boats swing at anchor. Strong northerlies send swell in.

Anchor in 5 – 15 m (16 – 49 feet) metres where convenient. The bottom is mud and weed, with good holding once through the weed. Anchor off the west side of the bay and take a long line ashore. Off the village there are a number of wooden jetties where a yacht can go stern – or bows – to if there is room.

GPS : 37°03’16.1″N 27°14’06.3″E / 37.054465, 27.235087
Alternatively, it may be possible to anchor moor back to the wooden jetty in front of the village (although the overnight charge, is kept deliberately high in order to deter private yachts). The anchorage is usually very crowded with private yachts and gulets bringing diners to the restaurants lining the bay and care is usually needed when placing your anchor to avoid frayed tempers.

GPS : 37°03’25.2″N 27°13’55.2″E / 37.056996, 27.232006
There is a pier with berthing capacity of 8 boats. Yachts anchor towards NW go stern with a long line ashore. The bottom is sand-weed. Make sure your anchor is well dug in. Tripper boats use this pier. Water and electricity can be obtained. Fish auction is arranged. You can purchase fresh fish and block ice from the fishmongers.

Tavşan Adası
GPS : 37°03’08.5″N 27°13’58.8″E / 37.052361, 27.233006

Tavşan Adası is located at Gümüşlük. Tavşan Adası (Rabbit Island), situated in the middle of the bay and accessible by a partially sunken causeway, offers a magnificent panorama. Tavşan Adası is guarding the entrance to the cove and harboring its own set of ruins connected to the mainland by way of a sunken ancient city wall that allows visitors to wade over from the town center, the island offers a beautiful panoramic view of Gümüşlük cove and beach.

Exploring the Tavşan Adası walking through history along an ancient causeway, enjoying the sun, refreshing yourself in the crystal clear sea are only some examples of what Gümüşlük Bay offers visitors.

Repairing & Maintenance Workshops : Bodrum, Yalıkavak and Turgutreis
Technical Equipment Shops : Bodrum, Yalıkavak and Turgutreis
Shopping : Shops, Stores, Markets
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets, Bakeries, Fish Restaurants
Hair dresser
Accommodation : Pensions, Hotels, Motels, Apart Hotels, Rent Houses
Communication : Post Office, Phone, Internet, Wi-Fi
Health : Health Center, Pharmacy, Doctors, Nurses. An ambulance is in order for emergency intervening.
Public Market : Arranged on Wednesday
Special Shopping : Tangerine, Vine


VHF Channels : 73
Sea Rescue and Emergency Team, 24 hrs service including doctor and divers.
Service zone : Gümüşlük – Orak Adası – Knidos

Travelling north from Gümüşlük brings you to the Bronze Age site of the ancient city of Iassos, which is excavated a little further each year by a team of archaeologists from Italy.

In ancient times it was known as Myndos, and the ruins of this ancient town (destroyed by an earthquake) can still be seen today on Tavşan Adası just offshore, or underwater nearby if you go snorkeling, or in the bush that grows beside the bay. Tavşan Adası can even be reached via an ancient underwater causeway; and if the tide is right you can still walk out there without getting your knees wet.

The bay of Myndos has always been renowned as a safe, sheltered anchorage, which is why (in 44 BC) Brutus and Cassius (Caesar’s murderers) used Myndos as their fleet base … or so says Shakespeare in his play “Julius Caesar”. Even today on Admiralty charts, the bay of Gümüşlük is listed as a safe harbour for boaties. It’s also a great spot to relax. It’s not crowded nor built out, like so many little bays on the west coast of Turkey.

This is probably due to all the ancient remains in the area, which induced the government to ban development hereabouts. You can now only develop an existing house, and there aren’t many of those in this little community by the water. In fact, it feels almost remote. There are quite a few ruins (both Roman and Byzantine) to explore around the Bay. Indeed, walking along the shoreline, I saw many pottery shards from ancient amphorae..

Gümüşlük, a seaside village and fishing port in Turkey, is situated on the remains of the ancient city of Myndos. The remains of the foundations of buildings can be clearly seen in the knee deep water that leads from the middle of the two bays to Tavşan Adası (Asar Adası).

Gümüşlük stands on the site of the ancient Carian city of Myndos or Myndus whose seafront sections slid into the sea in some long-forgotten earthquake. Today these barely submerged remains are a magnet for snorkellers and underwater photographers. The land site is yet to be fully excavated, but traces of antiquity can be spotted in empty fields, sounding an evocative echo of a distant age.

Minibus : Gümüşluk – Bodrum, Yalıkavak, Turgutreis
Bus : Gümüşluk – Bodrum
Airport : Milas-Bodrum International Airport

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