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GPS : 38°18’44.7″N 26°21’40.3″E / 38.312425, 26.361190

Ilıca is a large resort area near Çeşme in the extreme western tip of Turkey, in İzmir Province. A township apart in practically all its aspects, Ilıca administratively depends the municipality of the district center of Çeşme, at a distance of 5 km to the west. Ilıca is a large resort area near Çeşme in the extreme western tip of Turkey, in İzmir Province.

Ilıca is a large resort area 5 km west of Çeşme to which it depends administratively, although it bears aspects of a township apart in many of its characteristics. It is famed for its thermal springs, which is the very meaning of its name.

Ilıca started out as a distinct settlement towards the end of the 19th century, initially as a retreat for wealthy people, especially from İzmir and during summer holidays. Today, it is a popular destination for many. Mentioned by Pausanias and Charles Texier, Ilıca thermal springs, which extend well into the sea, are also notable in Turkey for having been the subject of the first scientifically based analysis in Turkish language of a thermal spring, published in 1909 by Yusuf Cemal.

By his time the thermal springs were well-known both internationally, scientific and journalistic literature having been published in French and in Greek, and across Ottoman lands, since the construction here of a still-standing yalı associated with Muhammad Ali of Egypt’s son Tosun Pasha who had sought a cure in Ilıca before his premature death.

Ilıca has a fine beach of its own, about 1.5 km long, as well as favorable wind conditions which make it a prized location for windsurfing.

This is a small harbor about 1 Nm S of Setur Çeşme Marina (Golden Dolphin). It is used mainly by small local boats.

Capacity : 170 Boats

Administration : Ilıca Fishery Products Cooperative

Accommodation : Pensions, Hotels, Motels, Apart Hotels, Rent Houses
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets, Bakeries, Fish Restaurants
Communication : Post Office, Phone, Internet, Wi-Fi
Health : Health Centers, Pharmacies, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists
Beach : Beautiful beach, 1.5 km of white soft sand, bright clear turquoise water. Ilıca beach is in the best seven beaches in the world.
Bank : Banks, ATM
Hair dresser
Entertainment : Discotheques, Bars, Night Clubs
Shopping : Supermarkets, Shops, Stores, Markets
Repairing & Maintenance Workshops (Çeşme Marina)
Technical Equipment Shops (Çeşme Marina)
Entertainment : Discotheques, Bars, Night Clubs
Special Shopping : Olives, Olive Oils, Mastic Gum
Windsurf : Ilıca, together with the neighboring Alaçatı, an internationally prized location for windsurfing.

Ilıca is a popular destination for many. Its name makes reference to its famed thermal springs, some of which are in the sea. As the thermal waters come out of the sea bed and mix with the sea water adding minerals very close to the Ilica Beach, swimming at Ilıca Beach is ideal for the skin. Ilica is also home to mud baths which is known to cure many illnesses such as rheumatism, metabolism illnesses and gynaecological diseases.

The thermal springs in Ilica are hot, the sodium chloride is between 42 and 55, and it is very salty (contains 27 grams of salt per liter). Ilica Spring waters are unique as the water is not only coming out on shore, but it is also coming out from the sea bed mixing with the sea water. This adds minerals to the sea water at the Ilica Beach which is ideal for the skin.

Eating fish in Dalyanköy is a classic in Çeşme. The fish restaurants and eating places are overcrowded at weekends and they are full of families eating dinner collectively.


Minibus : Ilıca – Çeşme Center, Alaçatı
Bus : Ilıca – Üçkuyular (İzmir)
Ferryboat : Çeşme – Chios (Greece), Brindisi (Italy), Ancona (Italy)
Seabus : Çeşme – Chios (Greece)
Airport : İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport

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