Marmaris – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°44’02.4″N 28°18’00.5″E / 36.734009, 28.300137

Kadırgaburnu Lighthouse
GPS : Latitude 36° 43′ 54″ N – Longitude 28° 18′ 06″ E
Focal Plane : 39 m ( 128 ft ), Tower Height : 12 m ( 39 ft )
Character : W. FL. (3) 15.0 Second (three white flashes every 15 second), Flashing Character : 0.5+1.5+0.5+1.5+0.5+10.5
Visibility Range : 12 nautical miles

Kadırga Çaycağız Koyu lies on the west of the point; Kadırga and it indents to the west. The entrance of the bay has no obstruction. There are sufficient depths. There is a rock by the tip on north. Kadırga Bay provides shelter from breeze and southerly blowing winds. It is open to northerly and easterly blowing winds. Prevailing wind sends light swell in. The depths gradually shelve ashore on the western part. The shore hosts nice shingle beaches.

Boats can be pushed off or anchored with a line ashore in SW, W and N shores of the bay, in 10 – 15 m. There is a cove on NE part, the bottom is white debris. It is hard to heave the anchor to slip out from the bottom. Steep rocks on SE are impressive platforms for cliff jumping.

There is clear water in the bay. Scuba photo contests are organized here. Kadırga Koyu is a popular spot for the tripper boats from Marmaris during the day time and it is boomy anchorage because of power boats cruising.

This is in the furthest point from Marmaris and is opposite the Kadırga Lighthouse where the rocky area is. It is a beautiful reef that starts from zero metres to 38 – 40 metres in depth. It is one of the rare places where both beginners and experienced divers can have an unforgettable dive. Here, in front of the lighthouse, starting from 15 metres, there is an amphorae field that marks the site of a Hellenistic era ship wreck.

As the bottom is rocky, hundreds of amphorae are to be seen, caught between the rocks. In the beginning of the season, if you are lucky, among the amphorae you can see many sea animals and crayfish. On almost all dives at the end of the season divers get saluted by a shoal of gobies. Many other types of fish can be found amidst the amphorae, an interesting scene for underwater photographers.

Just before reaching Kadırga Point is Kadırga Cove which has a lighthouse and keeper and is a popular stopping point to take a break and have a swim.

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Marmaris, Muğla Province, Turkey

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