Ayvacık – Çanakkale – Turkey

GPS : 39°29’20.7″N 26°22’32.4″E / 39.489087, 26.375670
The bay is named Kadırga (Galley) Bay regarding to its history being used to construct galleys during Ottoman Empire. Kadırga Bay is a very silent, 2 km North Aegean beach with a perfect sea shore. Besides its unique natural beauty, the bay is important for its closeness to historical sites. It is only 2 km away from the Antic port of Assos. On the east side, the bay views Ayvalık and on the west, it has a view of Greek island Lesbos.

Kadırga Bay is one of the beaches of Turkey that is awarded with a Blue Flag (is an award that is given to beaches and marinas that have met stringent standards). The sea is admired for the quality and coolness of the water, for the magnificent colors and shapes of pebbles and also for the beatufiul piles of fish that swim next to you.

Beginning from the end of the Bay till the Babakale, it is forbidden to dive (with a tube). But the east seabed of the bay gives you a great pleasure. Cruising with a snorkel can also be exciting. In Kadırga Bay, you may find yourself spending hours swimming and cruising the seabed. Also the bay is a perfect place to teach children the beauty of sea nature and help them get ecological education.

Although you can have full advantage of the sun, the cool Aegean summer sea-breeze that comes in the evenings keeps you fresh and chilly during the night. No humidity at all! Therefore Kadirga Bay is also good for elders and patients with blood pressure troubles. But after a rainy day sun comes out and dries everything quickly.

The site is known for its olive trees but there is also an endemic type of lily which is called “Sand Lily”. It has a heavenly odour and a marvelous white color. Besides these, during spring, everywhere is full of corn roses, the hills fills with brooms, the beach becomes full of the April daisies and you can easily come across calendula officinalis. On the way to Küçükkuyu, there are lots of pomegranate and tangerine trees.

Kadırga Bay is also a perfect site for fishing. Almost every time of the year, The shore is filled with fishermen that spend the whole night at the beach. Some of the fish that you can fish are: sea bass, gilt-head bream, sea bream, sargo, garfish and etc.

You can find holiday resorts, boutique hotels and camping sites next to each other. Whether you choose to stay in a tent or in a nicely decorated hotel room, the sea is amazing.

Minibus : Kadırga – Behramkale, Ayvacık, Gürpınar
Bus : Behramkale – Küçükkuyu, Ayvacık, Çanakkale
Airport : İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport

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Ayvacık, Çanakkale, 17860 Ayvacık/Çanakkale, Turkey

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