Çeşme – İzmir – Turkey

GPS : 38°25’41.5″N 26°20’32.3″E / 38.428198, 26.342303

Kara Ada or Karaada is an island in Izmir Province, Turkey, north of Çeşme town and separating Çeşme Bay from Chios Strait. Kara Ada Island is on the North of Gulf Ildır. The northern end is steep mountainous. Karaada Island is 6 km off Bodrum’s coast and very popular for daily visits and nightly stopovers. “Kara” means black and “ada” Island which is in complete contrast as the island is actually very green here and covered in pine trees.

This island is distinctive for the number of its donkeys – the island is commonly known as Donkeys’ Island. The coves of Donkey Island that can be reached with an hour’s boat ride from Çeşme, are heaven for day trippers. Due to their natural lie those coves are sheltered from north wind and very suitable for water sports. The island is almost covered with small shrubs, and there is a wind operated fresh water well to provide water to the donkeys which gave name to the island.

Being a National Park area the island well serves to the needs of tourists. There is no overnight stay accommodation and the only option available is taking part in one of the day trips. The adjacent Kara Island is a very attractive place with its Blue Cove which is almost a natural aquarium.

There is a possible anchorage on the S side of the island.

There are three adequate anchorages on the south. The cove in the middle affords good shelter. The bottom is sand and weed. Make sure that your anchor is well dug in. Boats drop anchor in 3 – 10 meters and swing.

GPS : 38°25’45.9″N 26°20’27.8″E / 38.429421, 26.341054

There is a concrete jetty on the west and the cove is fringed by a sandy – shingle beach. The cove, indenting to the east is fine for anchoring with a line ashore to stay well in strong northerlies. The coves of the island are open to south.

During the day, the coves here are favorite spots for the excursion and diving boats. At night, these coves are quite.

Danger: There many reefs near the island.

The town is spread along the coast with fish restaurants dominating the parts of the sea front. Çeşme is famous for its fish restaurants and at weekends in both Summer and Winter they are crowded with visitors from all over the area. The town is dominated by fishing and you can see people fishing all along the sea front at weekends and evenings and there are always fishing boats bobbing about in the bay of Izmir.


Ferryboat : Çeşme – Chios (Greece), Brindisi (Italy), Ancona (Italy)
Seabus : Çeşme – Chios (Greece)
Airport : İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport

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