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GPS : 37°00’32.9″N 27°20’02.3″E / 37.009127, 27.333984

Kargı Adası Lighthouse
GPS : 37°00’36.9″N 27°21’33.9″E / 37.010242, 27.359407

Kargı Koyu lies on the north of Bağla Point on the west. An entertainment peculiar to the region is riding on a camel on the beach. The beach, apart from being popular with those who want a swim.

The piers along the shore are not adequate for berthing. They are for tripper boats. Kargı Cove, which is on the western end of the wide cove to the north of Baglar Point is very sheltered and has a very fine sandy beach.

This tranquil cove provides all-round shelter. Drop anchor in 4-12 meters. Good holding. Crowded anchorage in summer because of holiday makers.

One of the medium-level difficult dive sites around the Bordum peninsula. The surface and deep streams are usually strong. It’s a wall-type dive which starts from the south-eastern cove of the island. Reef structures are formed and species of Moray, Congar Eel, Groupers and Barracudas can be observed. Rarely, Caretta Caretta sea turtles can be seen at the bottom. Very joyful dive site.

Kargı Adası
GPS : 37°00’37.2″N 27°21’37.4″E / 37.010342, 27.360385

The island of Kargı is about one and a half hours sail from Bodrum or 500 metres off Akyarlar Point. This island is the closest point to the Greek island of Cos (3.5 sea miles). On the top of the island is a lighthouse.

The diving point is the side that faces the gulf, though there are other points suitable for diving. In the area facing towards Kos, at a depth of five to 25 metres, there are pieces of amphorae that are possibly related to a Roman ship wreck from the 4th century AD. The interesting part of diving here is the perpendicular rocks which are towering like hills from the bottom to the surface on the shores, on the hill 50 metres distance from the shores, the shallows out to 17 metres from the surface.

The waters off the coast of the island are 20 – 22 metres in depth, with rocks at 36 metres. Fish here are also plentiful. You can certainly see many shoals of sea bream and barracuda. The only disadvantage to this location for diving are the strong currents at certain times of the year towards the island of Kos.

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Bodrum, Muğla Province, Turkey

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