Kaş – Antalya – Turkey

GPS : 36°11’48.2″N 29°38’35.3″E / 36.196717, 29.643147

VHF Channel : 73
Call Sign : ” Kas Harbour ”

Outer Breakwater Lighthouse
GPS : 36°11’47.9″N 29°38’33.0″E / 36.196650, 29.642500
Focal Plane : 7 m, Tower Height : 5 m
Character : R. FI. 5.0 Second, Flashing Character : 1.0 + 4.0
Visibility Range : 10 nautical miles

Kaş is in the extreme South of Turkey and therefore the climate there is lukewarm even in winter. Kaş is a beautiful, small town, an attractive touristic destination, with small marina where many sailing boats anchor. Kaş is suitable place to do shopping and banking needs. Shops have been opened owing to the development of tourism and shopping can be done easily in them.

Located only 178 km to the West of Antalya, Kaş is a typical Turkish Mediterranean coastal town with its many bustling tea houses, welcoming cafes, small and colourful souvenir shops, bars and restaurants shaping the character of the rustic harbour. For years Kaş has been a town well known and favoured by the international scuba diver.


There is a large sign on the breakwater warning cruisers that pumping out toilets/holding tanks or even grey water containing detergent from showers/sinks is prohibited both in the harbour and in Kalkan bay and that fines will be imposed for any infraction.

The depth in the inlet is 5 – 8 m. There are a few laid mooring lines where you can pick up. A Coast Guard vessel berths on the inner quay. The coast guard keep a very nice fast patrol boat in this harbour.

A shelter opposite by Kaş Municipality building, managed by local administration, has mooring capacity up to 20 visiting boats.

The harbour master will direct you to a berth, most likely on the breakwater side of the harbour. This harbour is shared with Gullets, some of which are over 150 feet long. The harbour looks quite wide but pay close attention to the anchor chains of the larger moored boats as you work your way in, there is not a lot of room to maneuver with chains out on both sides of the harbour.

Anchor out and stern tie. Try not to put out too much chain, to avoid catching it on the anchors of boats on the other side of the harbour.

Outer : 315 m
Inner : 30 m

Water : On the quay
Electricity : On the quay
Diesel & Petrol : Pump on quay
Showers : Available
Toilets : Available
Laundry : The harbour operates a small wash-and-fold laundry service in the building between the showers and the harbour masters office.
Net Repairing Area

Administration : Harbour master, Kaş Municipality

Port Facilities
Water and electricity connections are provided.
Bilge discharge and laundry services are available within the shelter.
Fuel is obtained from a tanker truck.
All sort of provisions are available from the markets.
Bank ATMs,
Cargo companies’ offices,

Shopping : Supermarkets, Shops, Stores, Markets
Repairing & Maintenance Workshops
Technical Equipment Shops
Accommodation : Pensions, Hotels, Motels, Apart Hotels, Rent Houses
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets, Bakeries, Fish Restaurants
Communication : Post Office, Phone, Internet
Health : Hospital, Health Centers, Pharmacies, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists
Hair dresser
Entertainment : Discotheques, Bars, Night ClubsPublic Market : Every Friday
Diving : Kaş is a booming center for diving. Scuba diving courses are available. There are nearly 30 colorful diving spots in the region. Diving courses are regularly organized; nearly 15 diving schools are arranging courses in summer and winter.

Countless restaurants with more variety of menu and cuisine than is usual. Many with roof-top dining. Prices reasonable. The closest is the Indigo restaurant on the breakwater. Aubergine on the other side of the harbour is another.

The Bilgin Hotel is a new boutique hotel at the Mediterranean sea coast, the so called as Turquoise Coast. It is located at the town centre of Kaş and 100 meters from small and pleasant Kaş Marina.

Several mini-marts in the village. There are silver and jewelry stores with a larger and better selection of locally produced and antique items.

An important town during the Hellenistic and Roman periods, Kaş is full of rich history dating back to 900 BC when it was known by its old Lycian name, Antiphellos. Deriving from the Greek word “Phellos”, meaning stony place, the name is perfectly suited to Kaş. Throughout the Roman and Byzantine periods the town reached the height of its importance in the world of sea trading and commerce, whilst the Roman Era made Kaş renowned for its exported sea sponges.

Kaş become known as Andifli during the period of the Anatolian Seljuks, later becoming part of the Ottoman Empire. In modern Turkish, the name Kaş means “eyebrow” or “that which is curved” which alludes to the backdrop of 500 m high cliffs encasing the town from behind.

Today one of the most appealing features of Kaş is its proximity to the Greek Island of Kastellorizon. At only a few miles away you can sail across and enjoy a beautiful day experiencing the Island. The world famous Patara Beach, Sunken City and Kekova, St. Nicholas Church are only half an hours distance from Kaş town centre.

Fish Restaurants are very famous with their fishes, cooking and services. Fishes available due to seasons.


Minibus : Kaş – Kalkan, Demre
Bus : Kaş – Kemer, Antalya, Fethiye, Dalaman
Ferry : Kaş – Meis Island
Airport : Dalaman International Airport, Antalya International Airport

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Kaş, Andifli Mahallesi, 07580 Kaş/Antalya, Turkey

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