Urla – İzmir – Turkey

GPS : 38°07’00.0″N 26°34’30.0″E / 38.116667, 26.575000

Kırkdilim Limanı lies on the west of Teke Point; it indents to the northwest about 1.5 miles. The bay ends in a beach. The bay is surrounded by mountains and winds may blow stronger because of cross – currents. This is a large and very pleasant, deserted cove, with very clear waters.

You’re right in the middle of “nothing”, just surrounded by the rocky mountain slopes covered by scattered trees. There are some goats roaming through the mountains.

The anchorage gives better protection than one expects when entering the fjord like bay, it seems like it’s completely open to the south. At the end of the bay, there is a slight bend and this bit of headland gives some protection from the south.

The anchorage is very well protected for northerly winds. If the wind changed to south, at first it was no problem, but by the afternoon a bit of a wave coming into the bay. So probably with calm southerly winds you would be OK here, but not with strong southerlies.

Boats can anchor off the beach in depths of 3 – 8 meters. The bottom is sand. The bay provides shelter from northerly winds but is open to southerlies. Go to the NW end of the cove and anchor in 7 m, good holding.

In the middle of the cove there is large buoy where a Turkish patrol boat ties up sometimes. Do not tie to the large buoy, it is used by the Turkish patrol boats.

Care is required at night.

A rough path goes to the town road.

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