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GPS : 36°37’06.0″N 28°52’18.0″E / 36.618333, 28.871667

Kızılkuyruk Koyu is about 1 Nm NNW of Ince Burun between Ekincik Liman and Fethiye. It is a lovely cove but very crowded. In 1997 a small restaurant was continuously blasting the cove with disco music. Anchor in 8 – 12 m and take a line to the shore. In Kuzeykol deep of the sea is with sand and alga, you can anchor in 10-15 meters and pull alongside on the coast. It is considerably protected against the dominant winds; yet its southeast and east sides are open.

Kızılkuyruk Koyu is about one mile north of Cape Kızılkuyruk on the eastern side of the Kapıdağı peninsula. It is a pleasant cove but often full of gulets. Anchor in 8-12 metres in the southern arm of the cove and take a line ashore. The holding is good in sand and weed. Kızılkuyruk Bay – Kızılkuyruk is located on the eastern side of Kapıdağı and 1 mile north-northwest of Inceburun. The best anchoring point is on the west part of the bay.

About a 30 minute walk up the hill is Lydae, an archaeological site. The site, with two Roman mausoleums and some Byzantine foundations, is not very interesting but its setting is exquisite. There are several mud-brick domes which may be Moslem tombs but I am not so sure because goats have been using them for shelter. It is possible to visit the site of ancient Lydae about a mile to the west, although there is little to see there except a few mausoleums and some Roman and Byzantine ruins.

Take an uphill hike ashore from Kızılkuyruk or Ağa Limanı and you wil soon be on the plateau high above. Up here, follow the goat track to Ancient Lydae to see mausolea, the walls of a temple, Corinthian columns, a cistern and inscribed pedestals from both Roman and Byzantine eras. The views on the way back are wonderful.

Kızılkuyruk Burnu also goes by the names, Cape Ghinazi, Ince Burun, Kızılkuyruk Burnu, İnce Burun

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Dalaman, 48770 Dalaman/Muğla Province, Turkey

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