Marmaris – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°42’13.5″N 28°00’39.0″E / 36.703741, 28.010834

Kocabahçe Bay is between points; Kargacık and Ayı. It indents 1/2 Nm to the SW and narrows. There are considerable depths, but it gets shelve ashore. Care is needed for the reefs, extending out from the tip of point Kargacık at the entry.

Kocabahçe is one of absolute favorite destinations. Because of the crystal clear water and the with thyme and sage covered hills, well kept garden behind the restaurant, toilets, a lot of goats on adjacent land and in the mountains, the bay enjoys increasing popularity. Kocabahçe also called thyme-bay. When it is raining in spring and autumn, the whole bay smells of thyme.

Boats can anchor in 10 – 20 m and get a line ashore to the north. A stream joints into the sea on the south. This side is lee from breeze. Strong northerlies send swell in and it is funneled down from the mountain and it causes cross combination.

GPS : 36°41’53.2″N 28°00’29.3″E / 36.698105, 28.008145
The restaurant ashore has a wooden pier with berthing capacity up to 11 boats. There are laid moorings tailed on pier. Boats go stern-to on a quay. There are five floating moorings of the restaurant on both sides of the pier. The restaurant provides good food and service under attractive settings. It is a family owned restaurant and it has become popular anchorage.

The owner has achived miracles. This anchorage is known as ”Sailors’ paradise”. They produce their own electricty, bring provisions from Bozburun by boat. They bake bread every morning, eggs come from the coop and fruits- vegetable from the garden.

The setting is wonderful at night, moon rises up above the mountain comes right down to your boat.

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Marmaris, Muğla Province, Turkey

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