Kumluca – Antalya – Turkey

GPS : 36°15’23.8″N 30°24’27.8″E / 36.256607, 30.407723

This small bay is located in 2 km from the Karaöz Bay in direction to the Gelidonya Cape. The bay was one of the important stops for ancient traders and now it’s fascinating for touristic visitors.

It was a Helenic town which was used as a pirate settlement in the first century B.C. as Faselis and Olimpos. It was a powerful pirate fortress with raised towers on the cliffs. In 67 year B.C. the commander Gnej Pompej cleared the Mediterranean Sea from pirates and Melanippe was captured and destroyed as well as other pirate harbors. Then this place was abandoned and forgotten. Nowadays only ruins remind us about this strong fortress which can be seen directly from the bay, but some of them are located on the cliff and can’t be viewed from that point.

According to the story, the daughter of the Centaur Chiron also known as Hippe or Euippe. She bore a daughter to Aeolus, Melanippe or Arne. She escaped to Mount Pelion so that her father would not find out that she was pregnant, but, being searched for, she prayed to Artemis asking for assistance, and the goddess transformed her into a mare.

Other accounts state that the transformation was a punishment for her having scorned Artemis, or for having divulged the secrets of gods. She was later placed among the stars.

Melainippa, where the most precious coin had found was very small but one of the richest city. There is an ancient city ruins, called Melainippa, in complete jungle, overlooking Pirates’ beach.

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Kumluca, Antalya, Turkey

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