Leonídhion marina

Leonidio 223 00, Greece.

GPS: 37°08’43.7″N 22°53’34.9″E / 37.145480, 22.893029

Leonidio or Leonidhion or Plaka (Πλάκα) is a very pleasant harbor in the E Peloponnese. About a 25 min taxi drive from the harbor there is the spectacular Elona Monastery build on the shear cliffs of the mountain.
The harbor does not offer the best protection from the S winds and can develop an uncomfortable swell. Anchor in 6-8 m and go stern-to the quay. The bottom has rocks and the holding is at places rather poor.

The marina is mostly known for its clear shallow waters which provide the perfect opportunity for you to test your fishing skills. The Museum of Bouboulina is one of the most famous landmarks in the city and was the home of the famous Greek captain with the same name. This museum pays homage to Laskarina Bouboulina for her military skills and naval abilities during the War of Independence in Greece. The finest hotels are waiting for you and your family and offer guided tours of the surrounding islands as well as fantastic accommodations. The Archontiko Chioti, Costa Rini Hotel and Hotel Dionysos are the best names in town. Restaurants in the city are open all year round and will always transform a simple dinner into a romantic night with your loved one. Explore the delicious flavours of the menus of Taverna Pyrostia, Pergamonto, Ta Palia Kiupia, Saga Fish Taverna and Me Meraki.

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Leonidio 223 00, Greece

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