Limin Khíou marina

Chios 821 00, Greece

VHF: 12

GPS: 38°22’04.5″N 26°08’31.2″E / 38.367915, 26.141989

There is often an uncomfortable, lumpy swell in the approaches to Khios harbour (and in the Khios channel) due to the prevailing northerlies blowing against a north-flowing current.

This is a large, noisy and busy harbour and it can be difficult to find a berth here. If full, try the incomplete marina 1 mile north of the port (see details below). Not ideal surroundings, but shelter is good.

The harbour of Limin Khiou offers adequate shelter from the Meltemi. Try first the SE corner where there is a mole and pontoon. There is metered shore power here (you will need 220 VAC 63 amp or 380 VAC 3 phase plug).

Call Koumis Stelios for assistance with water and power (Ch 69 or +30 694 686 1747).

Yachts can also berth bow or stern-to along the southern quay, although mooring rings are sparse and the quay is very high. This side of the harbour has a pre-pay system for water and electricity. Mr Stelios can sell you the tokens. These outlets are 220 VAC, standard 16 and 32 amp outlets.

The quay in front of Goody’s Hamburgersis reserved for a Greek Coast Guard patrol craft and they will make you move if they return and you are there.

When there is a sustained North wind, the southern end of the port is rolly and uncomfortable, with white caps within the harbour a possibility. When the Blue Star ferry comes in at great speed, in can also get very uncomfortable here (the other ferries slow down).

The western mole (clear of the ferries) offers an alternative berth in calm, settled weather.

The quay to the north of the mole on the south side of the entrance should be avoided. Damage to your boat from ferry and commercial boat wash is a real danger here.

Note: There is a lot of rubbish in the water here and sewers emptying directly into the harbour.

There is a “marina” of sorts, at the northern end of the town, about 2km from the centre. It is easily spotted by 4 conspicuous windmills to the south. Take care off the entrance where there is a reef and very shallow water. It is best approached from the East towards the end of the breakwater and then hug the breakwater around into the marina. Depths of 2.8m minimum off the breakwater and 3-4m inside.

The walls and docks of this marina were installed nearly 20 years ago. Currently there is no on-going work and it rather resembles a building site, with no services at all. That said, shelter here is good. It is best to berth alongside to avoid getting your anchor caught in the abandoned mooring chains on the seabed. You will have to find space in between the fishing boats that migrated here from the main port.

Limin Khíou Marina is a small harbour located in the city of Khios on the shores of the Aegean Sea situated on the island of Chios. The Marine Museum is an outstanding landmark which houses ships that date back to the Napoleon Wars and also unique paintings by the famous Aristeides Glykas. This cultural establishment will dazzle your mind with its gorgeous architecture and fantastic exhibits. Restaurants in the vicinity are open all year round and will transform a simple dinner into a unique romantic experience. Enjoy a generous lunch or an exclusive dinner on the shores of the sea. The best venues in town include names like Ouzeri Tzivaeri, Hotzas Taverna and Kumrucu Tani. Prepare yourself for a unique experience in the country of Greece. The sandy beaches, gentle weather and calm blue waters will pamper you making your trip unforgettable. Spend a peaceful afternoon on the beaches of the best hotels: Frourio Apartments, Aegean Sea Rooms, Chios Chandris and Grecian Castle.

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Chios 821 00, Greece

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