Bozuk Bükü, Marmaris – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°34’34.1″N 28°00’41.9″E / 36.576147, 28.011642

Restaurant, Beach, Jetty, Wet Mooring


Passage Planning
If you are leaving Marmaris Port/Harbour set a southerly rhumb line on 146 (CTS) for 4.6nm this will get you to headland to allow you then head in a south westerly direction. Set your second rhumb line for 223 (CTS) for approximately 17nm. Finally set a third rhumb line for 301 (CTS) for 2.6nm this will get you to the entrance of Bozuk Buku. The fortress walls will be visible on the port side at the top of the cliff entrance.

Pilotage Plan
You can sail or motor to Loryma Restaurant. Head up on 321 (CTS) to the very end keeping to the right hand side of the bay.
As you arrive Beki or Paul will meet you in our ‘run around’ to offer you either a wet mooring or a pier mooring!

Parking the yacht for the less experienced !!
If you are a bit nervous about mooring up the pier or a wet mooring we will with your granted permission come on board and assist you – no problem. The last thing we want is for you and your crew to get stressed on the last part of your day’s sailing.

Anchorage Details
Tidal movement is general very minimal. The most being approximately 1 m
The depth at the jetty is approximately 8 – 10 metres
The depth on the ‘wet moorings’ is approximately 12 – 15 metres

The Jetty Option
The Jetty mooring allows for 20+ yachts
The Jetty has laid moorings, allowing for yachts to go ‘stern or bows to’ with the option of Loryma staff to assist the skipper with securing the lines if needed
Many Catamarans regularly return to Loryma Restaurant for safe anchorage offering the same options as the ‘mono’s.

Mooring Assistance
Moorings are available. There are several coves within Bozukkale, each with excellent protection from the prevailing westerly winds. The bottom is weedy, so it’s best to only anchor in a sandy patch. Make sure the anchor is well set. Dinghy dockage is available.
Assistance with mooring is offered by the Loryma staff if conditions are challenging or if you have limited experience for both the wet mooring and jetty option.
If on the wet mooring we will be in our ‘run about’ holding the mooring line as you approach bows to, for ease of comfort for your crew member.

Ferry Service
Sometimes it is nice not to have to lower the Rib and set up the outboard, for the short ride to the Jetty for dinner etc. Therefore we would be most pleased to ferry you and your crew to and from the Restaurant if this is your desire.

Should the wind get up, or you are concerned about leaving the boat we will keep a 24 hour watchful eye on your yacht on either a wet or jetty mooring in a discrete manner to ensure a peaceful stay.

No charge for moorings!

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