Loutra Marina

LOUTRA, Kithnos 840 06, Greece

GPS: 37°26’33.3″N 24°25’33.5″E / 37.442573, 24.425966

The harbour of Loutra is on the NE side of the island and is somewhat more yacht-friendly than the main ferry harbour. Although the prevailing NE winds blow down into the bay and cause a pronounced swell, the harbour, situated at the extreme W end of the bay, escapes much of the worst. The harbour is defined by a long NE breakwater with an L-shaped extension and, on the SW side, by a short jetty filled with local small craft. It is quite small, and yachts are advised to prepare anchors, lines and fenders before entering in view of the limited space to manoeuvre. Yachts can moor in one of three positions: stern/bows-to the quay of the NE breakwater using their anchors, where there is space for around 12 yachts; alongside the inside of the L-shaped extension, where there is space for two yachts; or alongside the outside of this extension, where there is room for four yachts. The last position experiences some swell with strong NE winds and is very uncomfortable in gales from this direction. The remaining positions afford very good shelter in all winds. There are plentiful water and electricity points along the quays. Toilet and shower is in marina office building, but it is not obvious if public.
There is a hot mineral spring known from ancient times. Visitors can take relaxing batch in freely accessible hot water bathtub opposite to the harbour (S end of the beach). Water contains iron that was also mined on the island – see remains of loading gantry N to the harbour.
Beautiful Chora is reachable by taxi or 1½hour trip.
An alternative if the harbour is full is the anchorage of Ayias Irene’s cove.

Loutra Marina is a small port situated in the village of the same name on Kythnos Island on the shores of the Aegean Sea. A small, yet charming village built around a natural bay, Loutra has become a popular resort and manages to attract lots of tourists every year, especially those in search of thermal springs. The name “Loutra” means baths in Greek and describes the thermal springs of the area, appreciated since ancient times for their healing properties. The Archaeological site of Maroula is the oldest landmark of its kind in all of Greece and offers the chance to see superb rock carvings and beautiful sculptures. Restaurants in the area are open all year round and will welcome you with exquisite seafood dishes and traditional Greek cuisine. Kapetanios, Taverna Villa Stasa and Tarsanas are waiting to impress you with delicious menus fit for every taste and budget. Loutra Hotel and Edelweiss Apartments are the finest accommodation units and will mesmerise you with extraordinary seaside views.


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Loutra, Greece

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