Marina del Faro

Via A. Vespucci, Loc. Faro Piave, 30013 Cavallino (VE), Italy

VHF : 09

GPS: 45°28’59.7″N 12°35’02.7″E / 45.483256, 12.584090

Marina del Faro is a small basin on the W side of the river Sile on the Adriatic coast of Italy, which enters the sea eight miles NE of the Porto Lido entrance to the Venetian Lagoon. The marina is in a small basin about half a mile from the river entrance, immediately S of the larger marina of Marina del Cavallino. It offers 100 berths for yachts up to 14 metres in maximum depths of 5.0 metres.
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Access to Piave Vecchia is via the mouth of the Sile river World icon.png 45°28.62′N, 12°35.04′E, which is flanked by two moles extending into the sea among the miles of beaches lining this coast. The prominent Piave Vecchia lighthouse on the W side of the entrance is visible from some considerable distance. The entrance is narrow and a good lookout is needed for other vessels leaving the river, especially in poor visibility. Approach should be made on a course of around 335 degrees to keep in the deepest water. The better depths are on the W side, close to the lighthouse. The channel here is dredged to a depth of 3.5 metres. However, as with most of the harbours along this coast, entry is best during the last hour or so of the tide, which can add up to a metre to the depths in the entrance. Entry should not be attempted in strong onshore winds. The Marina del Faro is situated on the W bank of the river about half a mile from the entrance, immediately S of the larger marina of Marina del Cavallino.

Berthing assistance available on request. Berths are on catwalks around the basin and in the river itself. All berths have mooring posts for four-point mooring.

Slipway. Hard standing. Fixed crane (15 T). Engine, electrical and electronic repairs. Wood and fiberglass hull repairs. Paintworks. Sail repairs.

The marina is around 2 kilometres from the town of Cavallino and around one hour by boat from the centre of Venice.

Occasional ferries into Venice.

Marina del Faro is one of the first and oldest tourist ports of the Adriatic and has set since its inception (1968) as one of the reference points for sailing. Even today, more than forty years after its foundation, offering a complete range of services for boating: from the mooring, all’arripamento ground is uncovered that shed, from simple maintenance to all types of hulls up to restoration of vintage boats and to complete construction of new boats.
Marina del Faro was founded in 1968 at the very first debuts of the boom of nautical pleasure boating, when from Trieste downwards there was but few , although titled, nautical clubs and only a couple of harbours, by a group of friends and sailing companions inclined more towards the development of sailing than to the entrepreneurial activity.

Before long Marina del Faro became a point of reference for the whole upper Adriatic: within its premises took shape a boatyard that began some mass- production of Armagnac and Cognac ( designs by Philippe Harlè ) all rigorously in wood, to get on to the building of many of Carlo Sciarrelli’ one-offs. Also the nautical circle (Faro Piave Sailing Club) distinguished itself in the racing circle , organizing high level sporting events, a Flying Dutchman Italian championship among the like.

Also, a FIV sailing school was founded that contributed to putting the tiller in the hands of numerous boys and adult alike.

Currently, the harbour, besides the usual services offered by the tourist ports, as moorings, hauling up and down, laying up, etc., offers a complete range of backup services, that spreads from simple maintenance to the more sophisticated repairs and is particularly specialized in the restoration of classical and vintage woden boats.


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