Marina di Pantelleria (Accadueo)

Via Genova, 1, Pantelleria, Sicily, Italy 91017

GPS: 36°49’57.5″N 11°56’33.8″E / 36.832632, 11.942731

Accadueo is the name of the Cooperative formed over 24 years ago with the intention of providing courses for underwater activities and courses navigation licenses, both power and sail, and an indoor pool for other sports like swimming and diving and formation water polo teams from various districts. Also with the management of moorings in the ports of Pantelleria and port operations. Accadueo was also designed to be a working tool the sea around Pantelleria with its distinctive blue color that gives confidence and commands respect.

Porto di Pantelleria располагает собственной судоверфью, также здесь можно пополнить запасы пресной воды, приобрести свежие фрукты и рыбу на портовом рынке. Причал марины рассчитан на 300 яхт.


Drinkable water
Cantidad: 1
100 Tn
Car rental
Service station

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Via Genova, 1, 91017 Pantelleria TP, Italy

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