Marina Porto di Levante

45010 Porto Levante di Porto Viro (RO), Italy

VHF: 9

GPS: 45°02’59.8″N 12°22’01.7″E / 45.049947, 12.367135

Marina di Porto Levante is situated in the Po Delta at the mouth of the river Po di Levante in Italy, about one mile SSW of the Marina di Albarella. The marina offers 550 berths for yacht up to 20 metres in depths of 2.5 – 3.5 metres.

Approach is via the northern outlet of the Po di Levante river estuary World icon.png 45°04.68′N, 12°21.84′E between two long training walls oriented NNW. A yacht should maintain a bearing of 240 degrees on a conspicuous water tower with two concrete ‘rings’ until into the river. Depths in the approach are around 5.0 metres but shoal to 2.5 metres or less either side of the safe channel, so entry is best be attempted on a rising tide close to high water. Once in the river depths are 4.0 – 5.0 metres. A yacht should keep in the centre of the channel, maintaining these depths (the port side of the channel is marked with a row of concrete then wooden posts). The channel curves E just after passing Marina di Albarella before turning W again towards the training walls at the entrance to the Po di Levante river itself. Do not enter the river but pass S of the training walls along the channel marked with wooden posts on port side. The entrance to the marina lies at the root of the southerly training wall.
Note: Along this stretch of the Adriatic coast tidal ranges can exceed 1.0 metre at springs, so judging the tides right can make a significant difference to safe access.

Berthing assistance available on request (24 hrs). Berths are on finger pontoons or quays with mooring posts.

Slipway. Hard standing. Fixed crane (30 T). Engine, electrical and electronic repairs. Wood, steel and fiberglass hull repairs. Sail repairs. Divers.

The marina is in a very isolated position with little in the vicinity.

Marina Porto di Levante is also known as Port of Levante and it is located in the town of Rovigo and the province with the same name, on the Adriatic shore. This Italian marina offers its guests easy access to the city and plenty of recreational activities. Tourists will discover a wide variety of attractions in this cultural area that is filled with religious architectural points of interest such as the Cathedral, the Church of St Anthony of Padua, the Sanctuary of the Pilgrim Mother, etc. Travellers who enjoy admiring impressive structures will be glad to visit objectives like Palazzo Angeli, Palazzo Camerini, the 15th century Roverella Pallace, etc. Tourism is well developed in this city and it attracts a large number of visitors that are fond of history and eager to explore Italian lands. Rovigo used to be home to many artists and politicians, as well as an inspiration for those who wanted to find their muse. Plenty of accommodation services like the Hotel Europa can be found here.


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I porti del Veneto dove approdare
Come accedere a Marina di Porto Levante
La Marina di Porto Levante si estende su una superficie di 85.000mq, e si trova alla foce del Po all’interno dell’area protetta del Parco Regionale. A questo attracco si accede attraverso un canale segnato a destra da briccole di legno, e a sinistra da paletti di ferro.

La darsena ha al suo interno 520 posti barca della lunghezza massima di 20m.
I servizi del porto
pontili fissi e galleggianti con colonnine di energia elettrica digitali che erogano sia acqua che elettricità;
gli ormeggi sono sia su finger che su briccole;
nelle ore notturne tutta la struttura è ben illuminati;
il servizio di carburante rifornisce sia le imbarcazioni che le auto;
i posteggi sono inclusi nell’affitto del posto barca;
i servizio di alaggio/varo con gru di portata massima 30 tonnellate, munita di carrello telecomandato.

Una comoda base per i diportisti
Grazie alla sua posizione geografica l’attracco permette di raggiungere con facilità sia la laguna di Venezia che le coste delle Croazia.

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Porto Levante, 45010 Porto Viro RO, Italy

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