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GPS : 36°45’14.5″N 27°28’46.2″E / 36.754020, 27.479489

Mersincik Adası
GPS : 36°46’08.3″N 27°28’12.7″E / 36.768960, 27.470200

Mersincik Limanı lies 1 mile SE of the islets; Akçalı and Mersincik on the NW of Datça Peninsula. This bay is on the Northern part of Datça Yanmadası. The North and Northeastern sides are exposed to winds. It is surrounded by forests.

This is the only natural port in the region, it is open to northerlies, but provides shelter from the prevailing wind. The cove at the entry on starboard, affords all-round shelter. The bottom is sand. Good holding. There is just room for a few yachts for anchorage. In calm weather, you can anchor in 10 – 17 m near the hamlet’s farmhouses and take a line ashore on the west, though a breeze may cause a swell. Mersincik Limanı is a nice spot with attractive surroundings.

If you are sailing in from the N side of the Gulf of Gökova, Mersincik Limanı is the final anchorage point after Körmen. It is 1.5 nautical miles SE of Mersincik Adası. The bay is ringed with high mountains with woods, whereas the village of Mersincik is situated in the S point. Sailing past the N or S of Mersincik Adaları, you will enter Mersincik Limanı, which is exposed to the NE.

Mersincik has two possible anchorages: a narrow cove NW and a larger bay to the S. Both are very attractive and secure but the NW cove is very popular with gulets. Anchor in 8 m, good holding. It is best to take a stern line to a tree.

There is an anchorage spot right behind the cape to the W at the entrance. The draft at the entrance is 15 m, which drops to 4 m. by the time you reach the end of the harbor. Although the draft in front of the small pebbled beach is 6 – 10 m, the bottom is of loose sand, rendering this spot inappropriate for anchoring. However, the NE and SW parts of the shore are more suitable for dropping anchor.

There is the small Mersincik Köyü on the Southern part of the bay. Anchoring is possible in 10 m, at the Northwestern end of the bay. As the bottom is sand, it is not a good holding, so mooring ashore is needed.

Olive trees cover the surrounding hillsides. Mersincik is connected with Knidos – Datça highway 11 km.

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