Mirsini harbour

Schinoussa 843 00, Greece

GPS: 36°52’15.5″N 25°30’38.0″E / 36.870970, 25.510564

Mersini or Mirsini or Myrsini (Μυρσίνη) is almost land-locked and very well protected from the meltemi but it is exposed to the southerlies and is subject to gusts.
It is best to avoid the quay which is used by the ferries. Anchor closer to the beach at 5-6 m. Good holding. Because the cove is narrow and fairly popular you may not have adequate swinging room. It is best to also take a line shore.
Warning: In the fall the wind is liable to change direction during the night. Use either a shore line or a second anchor at the stern.

Schinousa (Σχινούσσα) is a small island in the Small Cyclades (Μικρές Κυκλάδες – Mikres Kyclades) group. It has about 85 inhabitants. Its harbor Mersini (Μερσίνη) or Myrsini, has a few houses and two restaurants but most of the people live in the village of Chora or Panayia. There many nice and isolated beaches around the island.
Mersini Marina is an old harbour in the city with the same name on the shores of the Schoinousa Island. Once, a port of ancient Greece, Mersini is the gateway to an old civilisation. From superb architectural style, natural landmarks of scenic beauty, taverns, cafes and restaurants to natural marble beaches, this area is a dream came true for tourists from all around the world. Here you can relax on the isolated white-sanded beaches like Almyros, Lioliou, Tsigouri and Mersini beach or book a trip to the Schoinousa Island and discover its gorgeous villages like Messaria, Mersini and Chora, the home of Panagia Akathi Church. Accommodations can be found all over the city and will ensure that your stay here is one that you will not forget. The top rated establishments are Archipelagos Boutique Hotel and Lioliou Beach Hotel Schinoussa. If you are looking to experience the unique cuisine of Greece, here are the top rated venues: Sweet Bar Deli, Meltemi Restaurant and Mersini Fish Taverna.



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Schoinousa 843 00, Greece

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