Nidri marina

Nidri, Greece

GPS: 38°42’22.3″N 20°42’37.1″E / 38.706184, 20.710312

The marina Nidri is located in Nidri (Greece). Its users may take advantage of its basic range of services. The marina can also provide its customers nautical services which may be of use. Proximity to an airport means that this marina is also accessible by air.

Along with Lefcada Town, Nidri is one of the main yachting destinations in the lonian Sea. Nidri is the starting point for several flotillas and bareboat yacht charter companies. Its location on the East Coast of Lefcas means that the sea is usually calm, and Nidri is an ideal place to lean to sail.

The harbour of Nidri lies on the E coast of the island of Lefkas in the Ionian Sea of Greece, at the entrance to the large gulf known as Vlikho Bay. It is a popular and crowded summer resort and in July and August is heaving with scores of tripper boats, yachts, water ski boats and ferries churning up the waters and making navigation occasionally hazardous at the entrance to Vlikho Bay. The problem is compounded by the popularity of the anchorage at Tranquil Bay half a mile E of Nidri, the overspill from which causes yachts at busy periods to anchor right across the fairway almost to Nidri quay itself. Visiting yachts have the option of anchor mooring on the busy town quay facing the entrance to the bay or trying to negotiate a berth at one of the six pontoons extending from the W shore of the bay between Nidri and the town of Vlikho a mile to the S. Most of the pontoons are occupied by charter yachts on turnaround at the weekend and space is only likely to be available during the week. Shelter on the quay in Nidri is adequate in the prevailing N/NW winds but it becomes uncomfortable if they are very strong. The quay is completely open E and partly open S. During the summer, the water here is often grimy with oil and diesel spillages and smelly with sewage.

Private pontoons
There is a serried row of private pontoons extending for the best part of half a mile S from Nidri, most of them owned by charter companies but a couple by boatyards and other private concerns. At weekends, there will be little chance of a berth on the charter pontoons as they are busy with handovers, but at other times it may be possible to negotiate a berth. Several of the pontoons have laid moorings and some have water and electricity. Depths at most are 2.5 – 3.5 metres. Shelter at most is excellent, although there is a chop with strong northerlies.

Additional information

Length: minimum 0 m maximum 9 m
Draught: minimum 0 m maximum 5 m
Number of berths: 5

Tracking clockwise from the entrance to the bay, the most popular anchorages are as follows.
Anchorage icon Tranquil Bay 38°42.12′N, 20°42.72′E, Taverna Bay 38°41.22′N, 20°42.54′E, Solitude Bay 38°40.86′N, 21°42.18′E, Boatyard Bay 38°41.52′N, 20°42.24′E.


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